Essays on Developing High-Performance Teams in Alcan Australia Limited Case Study

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The paper “ Developing High-Performance Teams in Alcan Australia Limited” is a forceful version of a case study on human resources. The purpose of this report was to study the concept of creating high-performance teams in light of the Alcan Australia Company. A brief description of the company is given by this report. Two concepts have been discussed. The concepts are motivation and success with regard to the leadership training program in Alcan Australia Company. The report has highlighted the factors behind the success of the company’ s leadership training program as well as the principles of motivation that are incorporated into the program.

The report has given comprehensive information on the concepts in question and come up with a conclusion and recommendations thereof. A case study of Alcan Australia LimitedAlcan, one of the world’ s principal suppliers of minerals-especially bauxite, aluminum, and alumina is a high-ranking provider of packaging materials and engineering equipment. Alcan Australia Limited founded in 1902 is currently a chief campaigner for upholding sustainability as the tool for the creation of value and durable growth. Each of the company’ s four business divisions holds a substantial market share in the United States of America and across Europe.

Alcan has gained global acknowledgment from the world's most celebrated companies in the areas of corporate social responsibility, environmental leadership, welfare and safety superiority, and supremacy. Alcan is well known for the prominence it gives to such important concepts as employee motivation and leadership training programs. It has been benchmarked by many firms for its prosperity in creating high-performance teams. The key reasons for the success of Alcan’ s leadership training programsLeadership is one of the key functions of management.

It is also known as the directing function. It is a function concerned with guiding people in a team. It entails such concepts as the chain of command, giving instructions, unity of command, responsibility, and authority and informal groups within an organization. Leaders in an organization include all members of the top management, the department heads, supervisors and the leaders of informal groups within the organization. It is, however, worth noting that a leader and a manager are two different people. Leaders challenge the status quo while managers work hard to retain the status quo.

Unlike managers, Leaders have a tendency to work with far-sighted planning horizons (Price, 2011). Leadership training programs have been a big success at Alcan. The success of training programs can be attributed to various reasons. One of the most important reasons for the success of training programs at Alcan is assertive and efficient communication. Communication is the process through which messages and ideas are conveyed from one party known as the sender, to another party called the recipient, followed by appropriate feedback (Price, 2011).

Alcan embraces a very effective and dependable system of communication in effecting its training programs. The organizational structure of the Alcan Company promotes both effective horizontal and vertical communication. Horizontal communication refers to the conveyance of information between two or more parties who are at the same level in the organization. Vertical communication is the conveyance of information between two or more parties who are at the same level in the organizational structure. Alcan’ s trainers maintain good contact and strong communication links with the workforce and fresh recruits. This enhances cooperation that makes training more effective and successful.

The most important tool in training is a reliable communication system.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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