Essays on Facilities & Property Development & Management - Golfing Resort in Croatia Outline

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The paper "Facilities & Property Development & Management - Golfing Resort in Croatia " is an outstanding example of a management outline. A golfing resort in Croatia is not unlike the contradictions of the game itself. Major risks accompany incredibly attractive profit and growth opportunities. It is also an engaging way of combining your legendary business acumen with a hobby, as you have done in such a charming manner in the United States. Our core business strategy should be to learn from our errors in Scotland. My speciality lies in the efficient and profitable operations of established facilities, as I have done for decades in London, Singapore, and other top spots of the business world.

Project management is not my forte, the lessons of Scotland notwithstanding. Similarly, you have a penchant for finding great locales, but potential problems of construction are not in your domain of expertise. Let us focus in Croatia on our respective strengths, while we leave the rest to experts with track records. I am confident that such an approach will deliver reliable results. The rest of this document details the strategy I propose, and how I think we should proceed. Introduction Aficionados can never have any excess of new golf resorts.

Each country and tourist destination has its own special attractions. Inveterate golfers like to notch up the numbers of courses at which they have played because this is a matter of peer admiration in its own right. Croatia is one of the most intriguing vacation spots of the new world. There is natural curiosity everywhere about how this country fares after decades of oppression and strife. It is a beautiful place, with much for families of golfers to do.

It is a nearly ideal location for a new gold resort. Our lessons from Scotland may not be complete. There could be new issues in a strange business environment as prevails in Croatia. Instances of delayed and uncoordinated material deliveries that we experienced in Scotland may exacerbate. Our success will lie in combing our strengths as a team, and the opportunities of golfing in Croatia, while investing in expertise for project management and logistics. Background The vacation business is one of the most successful in recent times.

It appears to be resilient as well with few families willing to cut-back on annual periods of rest, regardless of economic and financial compulsions. Demands from the golfing segment are especially insensitive to financial pressures. The establishment of a new golfing resort on a green-field basis calls for distinct management skills. Project delays and cost overruns, which have plagued us in the past, threaten the Croatia opportunity. The new resort has to be planned and managed in a new and improved format. Project Feasibility Analysis Methodology Relevant construction experience is a key issue for studying project feasibility.

We need a person who has established golf courses at new locations to visit Croatia. It may be a team rather than just one person. The costs of topography, greening, water, and weed management are some of the aspects that should be fully accounted for in our feasibility plan.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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