Essays on Developing Long-term Strategies Assignment

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Developing Long Term Strategies Project Please use the following table to respond to the questions within the Week 5 assignment.  Question ResponseQuestion #1   The importance of developing long term strategies Long term career strategies are very important because one needs to plan in order to succeed. It is important to think about what you need to acquire or accomplish in your career, and where you are longing to end up can be your long term goal. Long term strategies help one to achieve his long term goals in his career.

It is very hard to acquire a position of your interest in your career therefore, it is important to find the career path. You can have the possibilities of finding your position by finding a job where there are opportunities to advance. In addition, you can take positions that will enable you to acquire skills necessary to obtain the job or position of your interest. It is hard to reach your destination if you have no idea on how to get there. Long-term career strategies have the same functions as that of a map during a trip.

Long-term career strategies help in finding the steps and actions you need to take in order reach your career goal. They also help to keep you on track and moving in the right direction. Question #2   (a) my current position title Chief Operating Officer (b. ) duties of the position Chief Operating Officer is responsible for daily operating activities, including cost, expenses, margin control and financial goal management. He also directs operations in order to meet the financial plans and goals. Directs the long-term and short term planning and development of budget to support the strategic business goals; set up the performance goals, distribute resources, and review policies at the president’s direction.

In addition, the Chief Operating Officer directs and takes part in development and other activities that lead to the growth of the business and support the general business objectives and plans. Chief Operating Officer is responsible for the development of the annual reports and quarterly updates, develops, establishes, and directs execution of the operating  policies and systems to support the general policies and objectives, assist in daily operations of the President’s office and other departments, supervise staff, maintains equipments, records, supplies, and filing systems (Education-portal. 2011).

The growth of the business and support the general business objectives and plans. Chief Operating Officer also review and analyze financial reports, support and lead organizational budgeting processes, ensure that financial data is accessible to the Chief Executive Officer and executive team. He further assists in budget preparation, data gathering and development of projections. Ensures that all public communications improve the reflection and visibility of the organization. (C. )the state  California The salary     $35.59 - $41.24/hour; $74,027.20 - $85,779.20/year  $35.39 - Question #3 The next projected position within my career tract (a. ) position title Chief Executive Officer (b. ) duties of the position The CEO is accountable for the operating results and continued growth and development of the organization. He is also responsible for assuring that there is high quality management of the organization in order improve performance.

In addition, he ensures that there is sufficient coordination between the members. (C. )timeline in which the position will be obtained  Open until filled. (d. ) salary Commensurate with experience (e. ) skills to obtain for the position  The position requires qualified graduates in degree or corresponding of 5 to 10 years experience with at least 7 years in an executive level position.

Experience in management previously or supervisory experience. Professional experience in assisting a President, Chief Executive Officer, or Chief Operating Officer. Excellent communication, analytical, problem solving skills, analytical, problem solving, and presentation skills; solid working knowledge of budgeting, business development, and strategic planning; ability to generate respect and trust from staff and external constituencies; ability to establish and follow through on a course of action for self or others; ability to generate valuable ideas and uses ideas to develop new or improved processes or services; demonstrated initiative, teamwork, professionalism, and strong management and leadership skills; ability to work with a wide range of constituencies in a diverse community; excellent organizational skills and the ability to establish priorities; excellent planning and project management skills; excellent understanding of policy, procedures and practices; writing and editing skills to prepare concise, logical, speeches, reports, presentations and knowledge of widely used financial software, PC Proficient in MS Windows. Question #4 The other projected position in my career track (a)position title   The President and Chief Executive Officer (B. )duties of the position  The President and Chief Executive Officer are responsible for the overall successful operation and performance of the organization, as well as its intended Strategic Plan.

Oversight of all programs, as well as the fiscal health and structural soundness of the organization. Report to the Board of Directors, the President and Chief Executive Officer oversees an annual budget of approximately $2.5 million and a total staff of 30 (Salary wizard. 2011). He/She will implement the mission of company by working closely with the Board and staff to promote the integration of the organization with the community.

Leadership skills articulating the vision and strategic direction of company. Fundraising ability to develop new funding sources and opportunities. Staff Development skills to strengthen and support the programmatic and operational goals of company. Financial Management strength of overseeing the development of budgets and regularly make financial status of the organization known. Community Affairs and Outreach to actively seek to expand the scope and reach of company by acting as the primary spokesperson for the organization, with a strong, positive image, clearly articulating its mission, vision, programs and impact on the community. (c. ) timeline in the position is obtained  Open until filled. (d. ) salary  Salary and benefits will be commensurate with qualifications and experience. (e. ) skills to obtain/ develop for the position The President and Chief Executive Officer will have at least 8 to 10 years of relevant senior level leadership experience.

Demonstrate a strong passion or personal ability to conceptualize, plan, prioritize, implement, and communicate. Demonstrated successful experience and comfort with fundraising is essential. Be dynamic and forward-thinking individual who has shown success in building widespread support for an organization through collaborative efforts with internal and external stakeholders.

The President and Chief Executive Officer will have a good understanding of effective, forward-looking financial budgeting and implications for nonprofits. The President and Chief Executive Officer will be an innovative and visionary leader, who values the creative process, who believes in and is able to articulate how issues in lives of children, and adults. The ideal candidate will possess exceptional interpersonal skills and have the ability to interact effectively.

He/She will be a compelling, credible leader, who has the ability to move an organization forward by inspiring and motivating people with creativity, energy and a sense of humour (Education-portal. 2011). He/She should have the ability to think strategically, generate new ideas, plan, set goals and objectives, as well as implement and follow-through on these goals.   Leading candidates will champion the mission of company and invest themselves in the vision and goals of the organization. The President and Chief Executive Officer will be able to develop strong rapport with the community, embrace all aspects of diversity, and understand the challenges and experiences that youth face in underserved communities and demonstrated experience in personal fundraising efforts.

Question #5  Conclusion                       Career strategies are likened to plotting a map for a sojourn done through spelling out steps and actions taken to reach ones destination. They assist one move in the right direction. Identification of an action plan forms a guide for career management. It answers questions about strength, weaknesses opportunities and threats that may present themselves by providing focused steps that may lead one to the final career goal through breaking down career paths into smaller and more manageable activities.

It gives considerations to crucial events in creating a career strategy through goal setting based on an honest assessment of ones individual skills and interests. Individual ambitions may include but not limited to high-profile position, money over power and prestige, desire to make a difference. It also illustrates support needed to reach goals. Placing those items into an overall framework lets you see how much it will cost to pursue your goal as one considers the costs involved for adaptation by enlisting the help of others.     References Education-portal. 2011.

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