Essays on Pricing Strategy Used by Metro Books Case Study

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The paper 'Pricing Strategy Used by Metro Books" is a good example of a marketing case study. Metro books, a traditional bricks ‘ n mortar bookseller with various stores located around Australia, is facing stiff competition from web-based book retailers and therefore it’ s establishing its best course of action to remain competitive. In this report, there is a comparison of five books from metro books whose stock holding is more than 60 days with three other web-based retailers who are within Australia. There is an analysis of their prices and the deviation among the four retailers. Method: Book prices were retrieved online, the competitors analyzed include seeking books, Boomerang Books and Book topia.

The books analyzed include: “ Lunar Park” , “ Deception Point” , “ Point Blank” , “ The Widow of the South” and “ Born to be bad” . These books had a holding period greater than 60 days. Data were analyzed using MS. excels and the results are discussed below: Results: Competitors Retrieving the prices for these books was challenging and to some extend influenced the choice of the five books under consideration. The user interface in most online booksellers made it hard to search for specific books that were supposed to be considered with others requiring registration so one could sign in to search the book of the choice.

Those sites that had no much procedure had much advertisement which interrupted the search or did not have a customized search so one could search for a specific book. Other web site contains the books under consideration but did not give the full details which included the price which was one of the major fields that were a necessity so as to make our comparison possible.

The following sites were considered for the comparison; the seek books website, boomerang books website and book topia website were used. They had a friendly user interface which made the search easy. They had categorized their books accordingly with an inbuilt search engine to search for the required books. The too displayed the details search as book name, author, price, approximate delivery time and other more details and hence made extracting of details easier. They also showed the featured book of the week, books on offer and the discounted books among other details. ..

After extracting the information and displaying it in a bar graph, it was possible to compare the prices in the four outlets.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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