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Boeing 777HistoryThe Boeing 777 aircraft was built by the Boeing Company, the largest global aircraft manufacturer and the second-largest defense contractor in the world. The company was founded in 1916 registered head office in Chicago, Illinois. The CEO of the company is W. James McNerney, Jr. The company is operating its businesses in the two main industries, namely (1) aerospace and (2) defense. The product-line includes (1) commercial airliners, (2) military aircraft, (3) munitions, (4) space systems, and (5) computer services. According to financial statement published in financial year 2006, the company retook the top position with 55% of orders and 54% of deliveries.

The company had generated revenue of $61.5 billion USD with a net income of $3.0 billion. Its major divisions are (1) Boeing Commercial Airplanes, (2) Integrated Defense Systems, and (3) others. Currently the company has more than 150,000 employees and the two main divisions employ more than 72,000 and 56,000 in Integrated Defense Systems and Boeing Commercial Airplanes respectively. A division of Boeing Company, namely Boeing Commercial Airplanes begun the introduction of new models including Boeing 777 aircrafts in 1970s.

The company had introduced Boeing 7 series models of (1) 707, (2) 717, (3) 727, (4) 737, (5)747, (6) 757, (7) 767, (8) 777, and (9) 787. In the 1970s, Boeing introduced three new Boeing models, (1) 757, (2) 767, and (3) 777. First, the Boeing 757 was intended to replace the previous Boeing 727. Second, the Boeing 767 was designed to compete with the Airbus A300. Third, the Boeing 777 was a Trijet especially designed to compete with the DC-10 and the Lockheed L-1011 TriStar. The DC-10 with a three-engine medium- to long-range widebody airliner, was manufactured by the McDonnell Douglas Company.

Its production begun in 1967 and ended in 1989 after delivering 386 to airlines and 60 to the U. S. Air Force. L-1011 was manufactured by the Lockheed Company. It was the third widebody passenger jet airliner. During 1968 and 1984, 250 TriStars were produced. Among them, as of 2006, 34 aircrafts were still in airline service. The Boeing 777 was an American airliner, with a long-range, wide-body, and twin-engined aircraft. It can carry up to 368 passengers in a three-class configuration.

It can fly from 5,210 to 9,420 nautical miles or 9,649 to 17,466 km. Outstanding features of the Boeing 777 are (1) six wheels on each main landing gear, (2) circular fuselage cross section, (3) neck aft of the cockpit, and (4) the blade-like rear tailcone. ConceptThe three dimensional computer graphics application was used when designing the Boeing 777. This allowed the Boeing Company to eliminate the huge expenses of building full-scale mock-up. In the beginning, the Boeing 777 was simply to enlarge the pervious model of 767.

The resulting concept was called 767-X concept. The design was similar to 767. The differences between the 767 and 767-X were found as (1) a longer fuselage, (2) larger wings, (3) 340 passenger seats, and (4) 13,500 km or 7,300 nautical miles. There were things the airlines do not like the design of 767-X. These were (1) short intercontinental range capability, (2) cabin cross section which was similar to the Boeing 747, (3) fully flexible cabin configuration, and (4) an operation cost lower than the stretches of 767.

Therefore, the company had to conduct a new design which resulted in the Boeing 777 twinjet. The designing phases of Boeing 777 were different from other pervious Boeing jetliners. The Boeing Company invited its major airlines, namely United Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, ANA, British Airways, JAL, Qantas, and Cathay Pacific to participate in the designing and developing the concept. The Boeing initiated “working together concept” by consulting the airlines invited. Thus the concept of Boeing 777 was said to be the most customer oriented.

Among the invited airlines, Qantas had not made any order yet. The designer of the Boeing 777 was Allan Mulally, who is an American engineer and business man. Interestingly, being born on August 4, 1945 in Oakland, California, Allan Mulally, is now CEO of Ford Motor Company with a salary of US$2 million plus US$16.6 million other compensation. He was married with Jane Nikki and has got five children.

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