Essays on Development of Digital Marketing Strategy and Plan For an Organisation Using Specific Digital Case Study

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The paper "Development of Digital Marketing Strategy and Plan For an Organisation Using Specific Digital" is an amazing example of a case study on marketing. Digital marketing is a contemporary way of marketing that most of the organizations in the 21st century have admired to incorporate into their strategy. According to Jones and Ryan (2012: 4), a successful digital marketing strategy incorporates much of social networks particularly on the advanced technological environment in the current world. In order to reach diverse customers in the world of business, an organization has an obligatory function especially in the current business environment to develop an effective digital marketing strategy that focus on various avenues that includes website intelligence, E-mail marketing, social media (like facebook youtube and twitter), online customer engagement, online public relations, strategic partnership as well as online reputation management (Chaffey and Chadwick, 2012).

These avenues apparently foster digital marketing strategy by representing a positive image to customers around the world. This business report develops a digital marketing strategy and plans for Sport Ghornatah Company in Saudi Arabia. The company is currently regarded as the best sports goods producer in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia since the prices of these goods are affordable.

However, the following challenges hinder the Section 1. Challenges and objectives 1a. Marketing Communication Challenges It is important to understand that organization marketing, the market itself, customers’ channel and customers themselves are different at the moment than they were 50 years ago (Chaffey and Chadwick, 2012). Therefore, has suffered from the following challenges in the 21st century; Industry challenges The changing nature of the market Market research shows that the industry structure, as well as the buyer's needs on sportswear, has changed (Blake 1990: 8).

According to Smith and Taylor (2004: 4), marketing communication is changing as well. New information, as well as tools, are derived to cope with the changing needs. More than 400 million customers of Sport Ghornata have become hardly accessible without an effective integrated marketing communication. In that regard, Chaffey and Chadwick (2012) point out that initiating digital marketing as a way of reaching customers in the contemporary business market intercepts the challenge. Apparently, the United Kingdom sports retail market is currently strong than before.

It has a wide and active portfolio that content with the economic downturn. Sport Ghornatah, unlike Adidas and Nike, offers extensive product ranges with recognized brands. However, the company’ s (Sport Ghornatah) message to customers not only in Saudi Arabia but also in the UK market differs from how Nike and Adidas among others in the UK market. The promotion offers have not been advertised through social networking sites like facebook, youtube or twitter and thus the sales in the market remain as low.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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