Essays on Development of Marketing Plan for Masai Barefoot Technology Physiological Footwear for the UAE Market Assignment

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The paper “ Development of Marketing Plan for Masai Barefoot Technology Physiological Footwear for the UAE Market” is a  persuading example of an assignment on marketing. MBT shoes are the first of their kind in the show industry. The concept has been to use the natural arch of the foot in a way that helps the physical human structure to tone and shape up the more the shoes are used for moving. The product has been specified by the company to help in losing weight, toning of the thighs, and lifting and/or firming the hips.

The company has based this research on the research of how walking barefoot helps in a similar way. The range of products is a new innovation in shoes and has a potential to reach a good number of consumers based on the relation of today’ s figure-conscious women and weight-conscious men. The shoes have been attuned to match the fast pace of the society where technology and advances in communication along with the fast-paced lifestyles of the people have taken the possibility of health-promoting activities to fade- although the need for these in consumers has increased (Hines & Bruce, 2007). This product is of related users in the consumer market of the UAE and its core functions to promote a desirable figure and reduce weight can play a vital role in the selling of this product.

From the different categories of the shoes that the company has presented at its introduction, the more appropriate categories to test the market would be of Sports and Sandals. Choosing these two categories from the range will be a safe way to test the market, as the cultural inclination in the use of these shoes will be base on activities that are casual and sporty. The MBTs core component is related to the innovation in the shoes that it enables the consumer to gain the physiological advantages in terms of weight loss, body toning and figure sensitive issues.

Moreover, the shoes main focus is on the building of muscles that may not induce any problems in the future. The core components of the MBTs are developed to deliver these specific features to the consumers that are not just new in the UAE but around the world as well.

Any change in the core component will mean that the physiological benefits will be lost and the consumer will be offered an ordinary shoe that does not even appeal aesthetically. Therefore, it is imperative to keep the core component of the shoes the same as in the rest of the regions and to promote the shoe in the market by delivering the core component to the consumers through the packaging and the service component. Targeting the women in the UAE, the sports shoes will give the athletic adaptation to the current trend, which is already in the UAE where the current fashion may be coherent with the style of the shoe.

The sandal may be to target the loungewear and other casual activities that are focused a lot in the social setting of the market. For these two focuses, the market may be just the right type to set a trend and create a niche based on the benefits to infuse fashion with health (Rugimbana & Nwankwo, 2002).  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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