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The paper "The Department of Immigration and Citizenship " is a good example of management coursework.   The Department of Immigration and Citizenship is responsible for immigration arrangement citizenship ethnic and multicultural affairs. The department organisation structure entails that all agents that offer immigration assistance in Australia have to be fully registered and operate under the DIAC’ s agent policy (Casimiro, Hancock, and Northcote 2007, 58). The department has also issued a list of certified, registered agents. An effective reward and recognition program is carried out to create a positive work environment. This program improves employee morale and motivates high standards performance (Hsiao-Chuan 2004, 55).

The planned program or system ensures that the department awards all workforces accordingly. The DIAC commitment to service improvement has established a centralised system for recording tracking and resolving client feedback. The Australian Government Directory, 2012 shows that DIAC is located at 6 Chan St, Belconnen ACT 2617. The postal address is PO Box 25, Belconnen ACT 2616. It is described as the best business organisation responsible for building Australia’ s future through a well-mannered movement and settlement of individuals in and out of Australia (Casimiro, Hancock, and Northcote 2007, 60).

This is a one-stop entity for all the information on Australia’ s visa and citizenship details. The core business goals and values under its mandate are; to improve online visa and citizenship services. The Australian Government Department of Immigration and Citizenship looks to strengthen border management through the implementation of new visa application centres across the globe (http: //www. immi. gov. au/about/plans/workplace-diversity/workplace_diversity_strategy_2011-2013.pdf). In addition, the department has the mandate to maximise Australia economic and social benefits through permanent or temporary migration. With the high gap in life expectancy, the department has taken the initiative to reconcile indigenous and non-indigenous Australia.

This is well achieved by fostering cohesion and diverse lifestyle among its citizens. According to the Australian Government Department of Immigration and Citizenship 2011, the department has improved public confidence in national security through excellent border management (http: //www. immi. gov. au/about/plans/workplace-diversity/workplace_diversity_strategy_2011-2013.pdf). According to The Australian Government Department of Immigration and Citizenship, the professional and ethical standards set up by DIAC gives an obligation to the agency to promote equality in all services rendered (http: //www. immi. gov. au/about/plans/workplace-diversity/workplace_diversity_strategy_2011-2013.pdf). The registered users of these agencies are responsible to uphold this code of ethics attributes and abilities of immigration agencies.

The agency possesses high standards of services within the set conduct by DIAC. The agency is able to perform diligently and honesty. The agency has fair treatment and the decision to all applications from clients. In addition, the agency has sufficient knowledge of business in terms of record-keeping and file management. Other values the department has are; compensation for mistakes made for instance financial loss or another detriment (Hsiao-Chuan 2004, 50).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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