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The paper "Practical Power System Operation" is a wonderful example of a Management Case Study. Incorporation of both supply chains and operations is an intrinsic fundamental key that functions as a unit for better sales and profits for the business (Klas et al. , 2009). The supply chain provides a sequential process as an analysis of the functioning of the business properties among other facilities, their functioning, and the specific activities in realization of their objectives. A variation are however a feature of most businesses in a comparison of their activities. This occurs due to diverse varieties of goods and services produced, variation based on the structural diversity in demand, some variations occur randomly, others are assignable (Zhang et al. , 2006).

Most prominent are assignable variations that are as a result of defective inputs, ineffective internal processes that can include inappropriate tools as and this would lead to the unwarranted output. The scope of operations management in the analysis of organization dwells on forecasting, capacity planning, and the layout of the facilities, scheduling, managing inventories, assuring quality as well as motivating and training employees, and locating the appropriate facilities for the customers.

In a narrow focus on Conquest Marine Laboratory (CML), these would form the basis of this analysis as it outlines the challenges that CQML is faced with. The report will also consider the models of operation management and this includes physical, schematic as well as statistical models (Grunckel et al. , 2015). In line with the key concerns for business operations that include economic, innovative, quality, as well as risk management, would also be considered in this report. The report will also touch on other factors that would form the basis for challenges faced by businesses such as CQML in their daily operations.

These are broadly the need to improve operations, the urge to increase levels of outsourcing, the necessity to enhance transportation costs, the pressing pressure form competitive businesses, the complexity of the supply chains as well as the necessity to manage the inventories (Xu, 2017). CQML is faced with numerous problems that need key attentions as per the objective of this study. These are outlined below. Discussion To begin with, CQML is faced with a challenge of transportation.

In their activities, their main objectives as described by the scope of their operations entail transporting tourists from Trinity Inlet in Cairns to the platform. In this, their catamaran is designed to transport at most 100 people at a time. This limitation has limited their operations as it cannot meet the increasing demands of the ever annually increasing numbers of tourists who would want to tour the Great Barrier Reef. This has compromised their operations as needs to transport more tourists has been thwarted by the limited capacity of tourist who can tour the region at a time (Tambe et al. , 2009).

This is a key issue in business as outlined in the introduction part as a quality problem as the business is unable to expand its operations due to the design nature of their operations as well as the underlying risks in an event of a compromise of the set up as scientifically outlined. Continued tourists visit in the area has presented with a challenge for Amy and Doug as they have to expand their business to accommodate the increasing number of tourists.

The worry, however, lies in the structural layout of the business and whether it will, in reality, accommodate the expansion agenda. There is a line with the outlined variation as by the structural challenges that face businesses and limits their ability to expand as would be the case for planning purposes (Rahim, 2008). The operations of CQML are limited by the inadequate capacity to expand. The expansion is meant to accommodate a permanent chef as well as two persons in charge of hospitality for butler services.

The physical expansion of the business is the challenge in this regard as the available space cannot suffice the needs of the increasing tourist that translates into a need for more space as regards the layout of the facility and its fit-out.


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