Essays on Differences Between A PhD And A Masters Thesis Assignment

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11th May 2011IntroductionA thesis is a written document that gives the students research and findings. It is handed over to backup a candidate to qualify for the award of academic degrees in the universities. A scientific research must be performed by any student who engages in PhD thesis or master’s thesis where they have to come up with a research oriented project where they must justify theories, models, design, technique used and methodology identify. That is they must come up with a problem that holds attention and solve it in a scholarly version.

Both masters and PhD thesis requires the author to provide experimental data to prove the practicability of their solution. This report seeks to explicate the differences between a PhD thesis and a master’s thesis by: Analyzing the structure and content of a Doctor of Philosophy thesis and a Master by Research thesis and by giving the logic behind the presentation and structuring of the content in a research report. The report identifies and applies criteria for differentiating between a PHD thesis and a master’s thesis and applies the criteria in a number in many theses.

The objective of this report is thus to acquaint the reader with the differences between PhD thesis and masters thesis. The criteria used in this report to differentiate between a PhD thesis and a masters by research thesis include: Objective and intended learning outcomes, structure and organisation, length, information to include, required time, Work done and supervision. Difference between Doctor of Philosophy Thesis and a Master by Research ThesisObjectives and intended learning outcomes. The total purpose of a PhD thesis and a master by research thesis differ.

The main aim of a master research thesis is for the student to be able to demonstrate and display the necessary capacity and knowledge of executing autonomous work in accordance with the context of master level programme of study (University of Texas at Austin 2010, p. 16). At the end of a master’s research thesis the student should be in possession of a vast understanding and knowledge from his field of study, master’s student must be able to explore on their own and apply concepts and theories to the problem at hand, they must be able to justify, select and apply suitable research methodology for the phenomenon to be performed and in addition they must be able to consistently and seriously acquire and desegregate knowledge from different sources.

Finally, the student must be able to sum up the research findings and complete and hand in the report within the required tome frame work. However the main objective of a PhD research thesis is for the student to come up with an independent concept and prove that it works in a scholarly style.

That is a PHD dissertation calls for an original hypothesis which must be supported with primary and pilot theory, cohesiveness in research, argumentation and presentation (ISO 7144, 1986). The PhD thesis must also demonstrate abstract and technical competence in research analysis and presentation and must also demonstrate the vital knowledge of other literature. At the end of the PhD thesis it is anticipated that the student should compete with world-leading specialists in the different field of study.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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