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Situation Best Buy Electronics Retail Store The sales person was a well- groomed young man in mid-20s. He wore an enticing smile and a sky blue t-shirt with the words ‘Best Buy’ printed on it. He welcomed me saying, “Good morning customer. Welcome to Best Buy for your electronic needs. We offer expert services at an unbeatable price under one roof. Please feel free to check our products. ” His opening lines were effectively compelling and had a tone that made me grab some items displayed on the shelves.

The words suggested that the shop had all electronic products at cheaper prices. They also offered solutions of installing products, repairing faulty gadgets, and showing customers how to use them. He seemed to be a real salesperson. A real sales person acts professionally by warmly greeting potential customers and dressing professionally. He also offers expertise explanations and waits patiently for the client to make a purchase (Flaherty and Pappas 25). I ended up buying a pair of speakers worth $20 for my laptop computer. Situation 2: Sears Clothing retailers The salesmen wore lovely pairs of suit and kept their hair nicely cut.

On the other hand, the sales all had beautiful dresses and looked wow. I approached one of the sales women to inquire about a pair of socks. She jovially shook my hand and said, “Hi, I am Susan, what is your name? ” I told her my name and she said, “Nice to meet you. Sears Clothing is the best store in town for all the latest clothing. Our prices are friendly, and you are sure to get quality clothes that will last for long.

What would you like to go home with today? ” Her tone and gestures were professional and implied that I was at the right place. She showed me some pairs of socks, claiming that they were 100 % cotton made and did not retain sweat. Their prices ranged from $3 to $4. Any person would want to have some sweat-free pairs of socks. Situation 3: Liberty Travel The salespeople were amazing women and men dressed in stylish clothes that portrayed professionalism in their work. One of them greeted me with a warm smile and inquired if he could assist me.

He claimed that the travel agency offered incredible deals for the dream vacations of its esteemed customers. According to him, its travel experts were friendly and always ready to explain anything along the way, given their vast professional experience and skills. His opening lines effectively implied that Liberty Travel customers were in safe hands and did not have to worry about anything, ranging from travelling services, accommodation services, and prices. Situation 4: A Mercedes dealer The sales representative I encountered appeared to need some class in wardrobe engineering!

He seemed to be under the effect of some drugs given his untidy appearance and talking. His hair was unkempt and had not ironed his clothes. He started with “Hi young man. Are you sure that you are at the right place? Look, this is a Mercedes car dealer, and our customers are usually rich grown-ups. They mostly come to make a purchase rather than just asking and exiting. Therefore, I want to believe that you are not here to just ask for the prices. ” Apparently, the person acted unprofessional, and his greetings and welcoming lines did not allow me to stay there for long.

According to Shutt, a salesperson who judges people’s purchasing power, does not behave professionally, and is not ready for work will make customers flee away as first as they came (Shutt 125 ). Works Cited Flaherty, Karen E., and James M. Pappas. "Expanding the Sales Professionals Role: A Strategic Re-orientation? " Industrial Marketing Management 24.3 (2009): 20-29. Print. Shutt, Robert A. The Fundamentals of Business Etiquette. 2nd ed. Prince Frederick: Recorded Books, 2012. Print.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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