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The paper "Different Types of Management" is an outstanding example of a management assignment. According to Ahmad, Basir and Kitchen (2010) Interpersonal skills refer to mental and communication algorithms applied during social communication and interaction to achieve certain effects and results. Robbins and Hunsaker (2003) have synthesized interpersonal skills to include leadership styles, the process of communication and motivation where under the leadership, interpersonal role include handling conflicts, running meetings, team building and promoting change. On the other hand, the process of communication entails sending messages, listening and providing feedback while motivation encompasses among other things, goal settings, clarifying expectations, persuading and empowering. Adam Border is a team leader in the sale department and therefore need to uplift the team morale apart from nurturing and maintain high rapport with his team.

Again, it has been reported by Magnus (2009) that in any organization, the success of achieving its set goals depends largely on the manager’ s communication ability and skills. Elsewhere, Brunette and Farr-Wharton (2004) have argued that in an era of apparent constant change and erosion of corporate loyalty, interpersonal skills are vital to promoting employer attachment to the organization.

Adam’ s success may be attributed in part to the commitment of his team which is enhanced by good interpersonal skills. In summing up, Adam Border is exhibiting leadership, communication and motivation aspects of the interpersonal role in his current position as a line manager in the sales department. Which decisional role, if any, was Adam Border exhibiting? Justify your answer. Adam Border can be said to exhibiting some decision roles which according to Mintzberg entails entrepreneur, disturbance handler, resource allocator and negotiator.

In the decision roles, Adam needs to adopt an entrepreneur role while trying to improve his department as well as adapting to changing conditions’ , sometimes dealing with a poor cash-flow position, reorganizing a weak department or looking after the various stages of acquisition.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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