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The paper "Blue Apron Digital Business " is a perfect example of a business case study. Blue Apron’ s value proposition is the delivery of great recipes and fresh ingredients to the customer’ s doorstep every week. The company’ s value proposition is based on the need to solve a perennial problem facing many of its customers. Most people love cooking but have little time for doing shopping in food stores and groceries, they value the convenience of having food delivered to their homes. In the United States, a combination of several factors including work pressures means that most Americans do not have time to cook their own food in their homes.

Other people lack knowledge of how to cook their favorite meals. Blue Apron allows these people to order fresh and high-quality meals for home cooking. The company delivers fresh foodstuffs and recipes so that its customers can cook their meals at any time. Blue Apron works directly with farmers in local communities to create delivery kits. These kits are capable of reducing wastage and storage risk since most food products are perishable.

The kits are delivered to customers at affordable prices depending on the package one chooses (Blue Apron 2016). The unique thing about Blue Apron’ s revenue model is that the meal kits are sold as a subscription for a two or four-people dinner. The subscription platform allows the company to have accurate revenue growth and demand forecasting abilities, which helps in the formulation of business strategies. With its innovative business and strong market presence, Blue Apron has more growth opportunities especially as online platforms become a critical medium for commerce (Blue Apron 2016).

In a way, many consumers prefer the online method of delivering groceries as opposed to making actual visits to grocery stores. This is clearly evidenced by the rapid increase in the number of meals Blue Apron has been delivering each year. The company delivers about 5 million meal kits a month, an indication that its business model has been accepted by customers as an innovative solution to their needs.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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