Essays on Digital Business Management: Dubai Police Case Study

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The paper "Digital Business Management: Dubai Police" is a perfect example of a business case study.   A business model is a framework and rationale upon which a particular enterprise, firm, or company position itself showcasing how it establishes, delivers, and captures its outstanding values in social, economic, and cultural environments and/ or contexts. To simplify further, the business model is described as a particular plan designed and implemented by a firm in its bid to generate cash flows or revenues inspired by the need to meet the overarching firm’ s objective of profit maximization. A business model formulation is one of the principal processes of a particular business strategy.

In essence, business models encompass the functions and components of the particular firm including the generated revenues and the incurred costs (expenses). The business model is the driving force behind the success of any success-oriented firm. A poorly thought and designed business model has become the downfall of many lucrative and promising ventures. The model is the blueprint on how a particular business will strategize its operations and it is the source of a given firm’ s competitive advantage. A particular firm may either choose to adopt a complex or a simple business model.

For instance, a website business model calls for rational thought in its creation as clarity sometimes becomes a daunting challenge to determine the particular model since online businesses have a variety of strategies to create money. Some website models are structured in a manner to try or generate revenues by offering free services but draw huge sums of money through the sale of advertising to other firms. On the other hand, other websites have adopted a direct approach where commodities () are sold to online consumers and/ or customers directly.

A business model is therefore the stepping stone for the success of any firm. Dubai Police is driven by the need to enhance the quality of life through operating in line with the nation’ s constitutional rights in order to enforce the law while concurrently maintaining the security and safety of its citizens and the society at large.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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