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The paper "Digital Marketing of SLG Company" is a great example of a marketing case study. SLG is a designer and manufacturer of high fashion beauty accessories, toiletry, cosmetics and lifestyle products. The company was formed in 1985 in Gloucester, United Kingdom. The company has since been operating from its United Kingdom Sales office in Cheltenham. The company is family-owned and it has a manufacturing plant in Malaysia and a technical office in Shanghai (SLG, 2015). The philosophy of the company is design-led and process driven with creativity in different aspects of the company.

The company has a portfolio of its designer brand properties and a private label. The products of the company are of high quality and it meets the standards that have been set by the industry. SLG is run by an experienced management team that has been able to steer the company to success. The products of the company are mainly sold in the UK and it is popular with customers of diverse groups, ages and sex. The paper thus discusses the concepts of digital marketing with regards to the company. 1.2 Business Model The company mainly utilizes the business to the business model as it supplies its products to the retailers and wholesalers in the beauty product industry.

Although the company has a fully functional website, it lacks the e-shopping functionality. The company still utilizes the traditional business model when dealing with its clients. Information about new products of the company as well as the existing products can be found on the website of the company (SLG, 2015). The company mainly carries out its advertisements through the use of television, newspapers and radio.

Currently, the company does not carry out many advertisements through the use of the internet. Digital marketing is useful to the company and it can improve its ability to attract and reach new customers. The business model is an important aspect that determines the ability of an organization to meet its goals and objectives. The current trends in technological advancements require the use of digital marketing to capture new customers from different parts of the globe. 1.3 Review of Platforms The traditional approach is utilized by the company for the purposes of selling its products.

The customers have to make an order through the use of emails of visiting the offices of the company. Physical branches of the company are also used for the purposes of selling the products (SLG, 2015). The marketing messages of the company are usually delivered to the customers through the use of local radio, television and Newspapers in the United Kingdom. The website of the company lacks an interactive element with the clients and hence making it difficult to contact the customers online.

Although the company has been operating in the market for a long period of time, its e-commerce concept is still weak. However, the company can experience high growth and development with the use of digital marketing and e-commerce. The use of digital marketing and e-commerce has the potential of expanding the customer base of an organization. 2.0 Competitor Analysis The industry is quite competitive due to the high demand for the beauty products in the United Kingdom where the company primarily operates. The international companies are increasingly entering the market which has increased the levels of completion.

Some of the major competitors for the company include Nivea, Estee Lauder and Vintage Cosmetics Company. The major competitor for the company is Nivea which operates in all the continents and its products are internationally recognized (Łopaciuk & Łoboda, 2013). Nivea also utilizes digital marketing as well as e-commerce concepts which has increased the market share of the company. This means that it outperforms the company in every way and thus presenting strong competition to the company. It is currently considered as one of the most profitable companies in the industry.

The online stores are also on the increase in the United Kingdom which is increasingly replacing the traditional methods.


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