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The paper "Digital Marketing Strategies - Q-Mac Electronic Pty Ltd " is a great example of a marketing case study.   Q-Mac Electronic Pty Ltd is a Western Australia based company established in 1994 in order to design, develop and bring to market quality communication products. The company produces a range of components including HF SSB radio and VHF-90 tactical communication equipment for military and other industrial applications. It also designs HF transceivers in a variety of configurations suited to manpack, portable, vehicular and fixed base station applications. These transceivers are usually available with a frequency hopping option (ECCM) offering military-grade voice security and providing protection against interception and jamming.

It also makes the patented ML-91 high-performance vehicle roof rack NVIS antenna whose performance is very high compared to whip based systems. These products find applications in military and paramilitary organizations, aid relief agencies, search and rescue organizations, government utilities, forestry wildlife organizations and mineral exploration companies. The Problem The market for the products from Q-mac Electronics is limited to few companies in Perth and several mining companies situated in different localities within Australia.

The company has potential to grow due to the high quality of the products it produces, but its sales volume is limited in the country only. In an effort of marketing its products, it has a website where the various electronics systems are displayed. Be carefully studying the website, the company needs improvement in its marketing strategy. The company is not connected to the modern social media platform such as Face book, emails, twitter, Google, LinkedIn and YouTube adverts. The site does not also provide for online means of payment such as PayPal, pioneer and Money bookers, thus people in different countries cannot be able to purchase components at ease while in their country.

This limits the market of the components within the country as it does not have distributors outside the Australian market. Website design The advanced technology has changed the way the consumers purchase their goods. Many people have turned to the media platform to connect to a wide variety of market at their convenience. Q-mac Electronics should utilize this opportunity by integrating the aforementioned media platform on its website to capture the customer’ s attention in order to expand its market segment to realize more profit through increased sales.

This can be realized by properly designing its website by including means of online payments on the menu bar to enhance shopping of product by customers from the international market. This will fulfill the objective of the company of increasing its market segment. In order to adopt an evolutionary site redesign approach, the site needs to be redesigned without hurting the client’ s customers. The site will be made in a way that is able to provide the appropriate visual appearance of the electronic components and allow for optimization.

The components will also be categorized according to their function to enable easy navigation. This will make it direct and easy to use so that the customers may stick around the site. Primary navigation is already provided in a menu bar along the top of the site. Secondary navigation will be provided underneath the primary navigation bar or on the sidebar to allow ease of use. The site will be designed to load very fast.



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