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The paper "Digital Marketing Plan for Vinomofo" is a great example of a marketing case study.   Digital marketing strategy is based on integrating website, digital communication channels and mobile marketing with the aim of acquiring new customers as well as customer retention (Chaffey et al. 2006). In digital marketing for Vinomofo, it will define how the wine company will be able to achieve its e-marketing objectives. The strategies used will enable the company to select the target market, position itself and select the right market communication tools. Web-based strategies are built on four main constructs.

The constructs are; web design, web promotion, web price and web CRM (Chaffey et al. 2006). Digital marketing strategies that are used by Vinomofo will involve the use of electronic means. The strategies thus have high efficiency and create new business models that will enhance value to the customer. Web design Vinomofo is an online wine retailer and thus have to depend on web design to improve customer attitudes. Web site performance is based on the customer attitude towards it. The way a website is organized, informative and entertainment aspect is very important dimensions to consider (Chaffey et al.

2006). Web promotion There are certain backgrounds that can help Vinomofo positively in their advertising campaigns. Web experience and context are very important. The company has to look at the advertising hierarchy of events which includes; attitude towards the brand, the attention paid to commercials and the intention to make purchases. Complexity and interesting capabilities of web play a major part in creating a positive attitude among users. The company has to ensure that they use a simple web background to avoid complexity which makes websites less effective (Combe, 2006). Web Price The website provides a platform where the customer and buyer meet and carries out transactions.

The company web design should be able to reduce transactions costs. This can be achieved through optimizing costs. As a wine retailer, the price can be optimized in several ways. First, the company can announce a price and test the consumer response. The collected responses can be used to set the right price. The website makes it easy to adjust prices. Vinomofo can be adjusting prices based on demand and competitor behaviour.

Through the use of clickstream, it becomes possible to learn on purchase history. This is a method that can easily help in identifying the target customer segment. The strategies that can emerge here is the use of segment-specific pricing (Combe, 2006). Web CRM The web is a direct marketing channel between the customer and the firm. Personal information on consumers can be collected using data mining technology. This will help the company to gain information on the customers' interests. The firms can use this information and send emails to potential customers based on their qualities and interest.

A lot of resources will be used to come up with a website that attracts more customers. The wine retailer will have to identify weakness in their website and improve on them (Chaffey et al. 2006). Product strategy Vinomofo products are wine varieties. The company must tailor its online merchandise based on the target customer composition. At the moment, target customers are young men and women with disposable income. The company have to make sure that the products they offer fit the clientele.

The low cost of internet marketing can be used as an advantage to increase the number of products and targets (Combe, 2006).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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