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The paper “ Digital Marketing - Vinomofo Company’ s Website against Vintage Cellars“ is a  worthy variant of a presentation on marketing. Slide 2 presents the cover page of this presentation. The aim of this presentation is to analyze Vinomofo Company’ s website against Vintage cellars one of its main competitors in the Australian market.   Slide 3: Presentation outlineThe report structure will comprise of slides that would outline the competitor Vintage cellar’ s website and company Vinomofo’ s website. It would have an analysis to compare the two companies basing on the predetermined criteria with the general presentation that would include the implications and the recommendations. Slide 4: Vintage cellar’ s overviewVintage cellars are an Australian retail company owned by Wesfarmers and sell alcohol drinks.

This company has about 900 employees in its 82 stores spread across Australia and is headquartered in Melbourne City. This company deals in the retail industry where it supplies alcoholic drinks and beverages to the corporate world. Many business firms across Australia have benefited from the company’ s specialist services which are superb and also come with a variety of products hence being a reliable supplier.

Vintages cellars promise that its objectives are to make its customers' business look good by supplying with them fine varieties of drinks that can serve different kinds of customers. The most common products offered by this company are wine, local and international low strengths beer, spirits, premixed drinks, soft drinks, water, juice, and snacks. Vintage Cellars Company enjoys access to a large range of wines that are produced in Australia. It assembles them and offers them to the customers. Therefore, its customers are always on the lookout to check if we have exciting new offers.

Therefore, it is hard to estimate the number of customers who buy its products because the stores are spread all over Australia. Most of the businesses such as clubs, hotels, restaurants, and bars purchase in bulky Vintage Cellars’ products. Therefore, this company is part of the international alcohol and beverage suppliers and one of the leading alcohol delivery specialists. Like any other company of the modern-day, Vintage has its values. One of the values in this company is customer engagement. This company states that it exists to serve its customers satisfactorily.

It has created a rapport with the customers in that most of them come for its stocks because of its reliability in supplying enough and a variety of products. This company is customer-oriented; it always picks feedback from the customers who come to collect the stock. It asks about the feelings and experiences of the consumers on the market. It then acts on the feedback to ensure that its customers and the consumers can have a thrilling experience with its products. Another virtue that is upheld in Vintage Cellars is teamwork.

Being a modern management tool, teamwork boosts organizational performance. Vintage employ this management tool to boosts its service delivery. The company also practice creativity and innovation in its operations. Since the industry, it operates in is quite competitive, this company strives to be creative so that its services can be unique to those of the competitors. In fact, creativity and innovation are among the virtue that has made this company be famous and grow to the current levels.


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