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The paper "Sydney Digital Marketing Campaign " is a great example of a marketing case study.   Digital marketing strategy of advertising channels might include the effort of promotions through social media, mobile phones, electronic billboards, and other internet platforms. It may as well involve digital radio and television channels (BusinessDictionary. com, n.d. ). Many industries and businesses view digital marketing as an important means of sharing information with the current and potential future customers as it uses various promotion, communication, and advertising styles. With a sound digital marketing campaign, organizations create blueprints for their marketing activities.

It allows detailed tactics and strategies that help achieve specific objectives. My work is to come up with an effective digital marketing plan and campaign as a newly appointed digital marketing officer for Sydney, which is an Australian city. Tourism is an important source of income for the management of Sydney city. The industry is facing stiff competition as other towns are also marketing their tourist sites and hospitalities. The marketing from competitors provides the city with attacks. There is a feeling that Sydney city will be facing a decline that calls for agent concerns.

The way forward now is to develop a digital marketing campaign that will attract big numbers of tourists to Sydney city (Getting started, 2008). Strategic objective The primary aim of this campaign is to form a campaign strategy that will attract more tourists to Sydney, a city in Australia. The campaign should design as a digital marketing model that gives it a competitive advantage over other cities and towns are practice tourism and hospitality. Tourism in Australia increasingly continues to contribute to the economy as it generates more GDP and creates employment. Context External environment analysis Australia and especially the city of Sydney provide the friendliest environment for tourism and hospitality contexts.

The economy offers a very conducive environment for tourism operations in terms of regulations according to a 2008 international comparative study. The government and the regulatory institutions are transparent, impartial, reliable and competitive in international contexts thus provide the best framework for tourism. However, there are some issues that concern political risk in Australia as well as in Sydney city. Political decisions on matters of terrorism, war, and insurrection affect the tourism climate (Ukessays. com, n.d. ). The country has three political parties with distinct roles.

The Liberal Part represents urban businesses and small coalitions. The country has a legal system where the Federal Government has power over matters of the national economy (Tourism Research Australia, 2012). The economy of Australian is very strong with a per capita GDP that is equal to four dominant European economies. The current unemployment rate is about 4.4 which is known as the lowest in the world. The socio-cultural characteristics show that Australians have direct communication with elements of humor and self-deprecating.

Sydney uses English as a national language presented by Australia’ s major English variety. The dialect shows a distinct accent that is also found in Standard English which advantages tourists. The hotels in Sydney hotels support multicultural foods (Ukessays. com, n.d. ). The Australian tourism and hospitality sector, as well as other industries in Australia, has adapted world-class information and communication technologies. Mobile technologies are some of the benefits the country is enjoying which will also impact the marketing program. Service industries including the city restaurants are exploiting mobile technologies like the use of personal digital assistants.

Such technologies will provide efficiency and accuracy in enhancing Sydney’ s tourism reputation. Sydney has advanced telecommunication infrastructure with networked domestic systems. It also has well-equipped transport systems including taxis, monorails, buses, and trains. An important aspect that will facilitate Sydney tourism is the location of the airport. It is close to the city as well as catamarans and ferries that transport tourists from the main island across Sydney harbor (Tourism Research Australia, 2012).

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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