Essays on Controlling Performance - Ding Sing Oriental Supermarket Case Study

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The paper "Controlling Performance - Ding Sing Oriental Supermarket " is a perfect example of a business case study. Performance in an organization is an important aspect. Every organization− either profitable or non- profitable, are keen on tracking their performance. Top managers of the company make difficult decisions to improve their performance. The organization's success is usually analyzed to see if it meets the company's goal or objectives. In improving the organization's performance, control measures should be implemented. Performance objectives The standard performance objectives are speed, quality, dependability, cost, and flexibility. Quality is believed by many authorities to be the most important performance objective (Thomas et al. , 2006).

Additionally, it is the most discussed performance goal as compared to the others. The quality of a product or service is defined as having the expected specification. The company is producing products of good quality means that consumers who use the product get fully satisfied. Therefore, the customer can use the product or services again. Consequentially, the company would receive more revenue. Operation quality has different effects internally. If there are high-quality practices in operational activities and processes, then there would be fewer mistakes.

As a result, acquiring less cost, an increase in speed, and dependability is realized. It is because during an operation a company focuses more on correcting its mistakes it becomes hard to responding according to the customer requests quickly. Speed refers to the time when a customer internally or externally makes a request for a service or products and waits to get them. Speed used externally is crucial as it assists in responding quickly to customer requests. It can result in a client coming back to demand more businesses.

Hence, possible to charge higher prices due to the faster services rendered. For instance, most transportation services, delivery, and postal services in different countries charge higher prices because of faster deliveries (Thomas et al. , 2006).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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