Essays on Direct Communications Management of a Project Program Assignment

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The paper “ Direct Communications Management of a Project Program”   is a worthy variant of assignment on the management. Internal communication usually takes place between the team members. On the other hand, external communication is between team members and stakeholders. An example is an information sharing with internal and external customers. Vertical and HorizontalThese types of communications occur in an organization. Vertical communication is communication that takes place either upward or downward at different levels in an organization. An example is a manager sharing the goals of a project to team members. Horizontal communication is communication between people at the same level in an organization.

For example project teams discussing some topics in a project. Formal and InformalFormal communication is normally planned, time is required to prepare it. Examples of formal communication are reports, presentations among others. Informal communication is not planned. Examples are email and social media. Formal writing is a document that is aimed at information sharing. An example is project plans, charters among others. Formal verbal is communication using sound for example presentations; informal written is a communication that does not have a standard layout an example is an Email.

Informal verbal is communication involves talking for example conversations. They will help the project manager to delegate tasks based on the skills of a team member, it will help to work on schedule. One is able to know which part of a project is assigned to who and which ones are complete or due. By involving a customer, the project team is able to know what exactly is required of them by the customer. This will minimize the chances of having a gap, between what a customer is expecting and what the system delivers. The best way to ensure that project closure is followed is by ensuring that there is a formal completion.

This will involve having a meeting with the customer and sponsor to review the final acceptance document. One should also document the “ lessons learned” . A final report should be written and handed over to sponsors and customers. In order to determine whether the objectives of a project were accomplished. Secondly, if there are any chances of future development. Lastly, to review lessons learned that can be applied in future projects. Some of the lessons that can be lean from delays in project delivery are poor user requirement capture, poor communication plan, stakeholder involvement in a project and poor planning.    

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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