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Essays on Marketing Paradigm for Electronic Commerce - Advantages of Online Marketing, Telemarketing, and Direct Marketing Programs Assignment

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The paper “ Marketing Paradigm for Electronic Commerce - Advantages of Online Marketing, Telemarketing, and Direct Marketing Programs" is an engrossing example of an assignment on marketing. In the present intense viable business environment, there is a requirement for World vision to develop into a globally competitive industry. Direct marketing provides World vision with a means of doing this. It is quite obvious that there will be a lot of fundamental differences, between the way businesses are operated on the Internet and in the real world. World Vision uses direct marketing a to recruit new famine participants, direct marketing is used via a three-stage process.

The recruiting campaign features outbound telemarketing and the production of marketing collateral, both printed and online. Currently, there is a general belief that every business will be run on the Internet in the same manner as they are in the real world. The internet has a lot of information and world vision can do a lot as it has opened a lot of new and exclusive opportunities to the world vision. It has turned world vision into a marketing success in this competitive industry.

A good example of this is the Direct marketing has not entirely changed the entire concept of marketing, however, it has made a lot of improvements in it and thus given marketers a lot of opportunities will. Direct Marketing up till now utilizes the traditional theories of the marketing mix; however, the main reasoning behind the world vision to utilize it. Image 'Promotion', is another thing which is a part of direct marketing another reason for world vision to use it so that they can utilize media for this purpose.

If world vision utilized old methods then they would not have any direct interaction with customers. As direct Marketing improved this system by utilizing many to many communication methods, it is very useful for world vision. As in this way the participants were directing interacting with the world vision, with each other and also offer information to medium regarding their satisfaction. Thus, world vision has to rebuild promotion models for them to be more interactive; this is one of the most important improvements made in the field of marketing. An important advantage of direct marketing for world vision is that it helps in removing all restrictions regarding geographical locations.

Thus now world vision can target prospect participants which they could not target before. Moreover, world vision will require no physical location; they can give all their information to their participants and prospects on their website. Businesses have accepted the fact that competition completely depends relies on the amount of information. Direct marketing has also created a hypermedia environment that helps is accessing all kinds of information just by clocking websites on the internet.

This permits the marketing of world vision to improve as prospects have a chance to look up al the information they require regarding world vision. Thus direct marketing abolishes the old concept pf giving prospects a limited amount of information regarding the program or product. This also helps the prospects to compare world vision’ s work and program with another similar program. It makes their decision to join the world vision easier. Thus every time a prospect decides to join world vision he first does a competitive assessment.

This does not in any way mean that prospects will only prefer world vision because of its famine 2000, they may even prefer it because of the way they use direct marketing to give certificates. This means that they acknowledge their members.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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