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Disaster ManagementOrder No. 359615No. of pages: 10IntroductionCatastrophes and disasters can occur at any time and at any place. Therefore, Being always prepared beforehand to ensure the safety of life and property is a wise thing to do. Speedy And effective response during that time of the disaster goes a long way in helping to save precious life and property. Slackness and insensitive response are fatal to the rescue operations making it to be a failure because of the heavy loss and damage that would occur all around. This essay is going to deal with how a major disaster could be avoided and if such a disaster occurs what measures should be put into place so that the rescue operations are successful.

One of the most successful institutions of disaster management who have helped millions of people around the world is ‘World Vision’. From the 1960’s ‘World Vision’ has selflessly rendered their effective emergency services and aid globally during disasters. In 2007 alone, World Vision had responded to approximately 85 disasters around the world. (World Vision, UK) Given below is a scenario of a certain disaster that took place and an analysis of how the problem was dealt with will be discussed. Background of the scenarioThe Birch Green area of Skelmersdale reported that a raid had taken place during mid-day, involving terrorist activities.

The suspects were caught red handed on the location in a house used for their terrorist activities. Many computers, stolen credit cards, cheque books and money orders were seen scattered about the place. Further evidence taken from a hard disk on the premises proved that the gang was probably planning a Chemical or Biological attack.

There was also proof of information about the location of hang gliders and other aircraft clubs in the vicinity of NW England. On scouring the crime site it was found that the bathroom had been used to prepare a substance making use of different chemicals using some chemical formulae and the following equation is what was used for the process –2 NaCl + 2 H2O → Cl2 + H2 + 2 NaOHIn addition to this, many reports had been received about the spraying of chemicals by a tiny aircraft in the promenade area at Blackpool and that hundreds of people lay by the road in a semi conscious condition.

Moreover, the light aircraft that sprayed a chemical had exploded near the base of the Blackpool Tower causing significant damage by fire. In order to counter this terrorist activity a disaster management plan had to be put into place. Disaster Management Plan1.What command structure would be put in place to deal with an incident of this Magnitude. The UK Governments primary concern is the safety of life and property of its citizens.

In lieu of this, the UK Government offers its guidance not only to the public but also to its safety and rescue authorities whose services are crucial to safeguard life and property. (HM Government, UK Resilience, 2009) for co-coordinating between the different departments the central government makes use of an efficient and strong network comprising of the ‘Cabinet Office Briefing Rooms’ (COBR) (Central Government Arrangements, 2005, pg. 1) which has two departments 1) Lead Government Departments and 2) Other Government Departments who, are asked to report to the Regional Civil Contingencies Committees under which are three other important divisions or groups called the Local Strategic Coordinating Groups.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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