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1. IntroductionAccidents are inherent and usually occurs surprisingly with prior information. Within the Blackpool area, an emergency case has occurred in which terrorists have released gases and the span of the accidents is three areas that contain high population density. It is a Christmas time and many people are outside enjoying the Christmas serine environment and entertainment accompaniments. The aim of this paper is to address this terrorist attack in terms of appropriate Command Structure, role played by Category 1 Respondents, communications, managing media representatives and the paper presents a draft press release.

2. Blackpool Incident Command Structure This incident has occurred in categorically three locations, which are Birch Green area, Promenade, and Blackpool Tower all within Blackpool area. It is appropriate to understand the incidents and requirements of each position to know the appropriate measures that will be taken. In the Birch Green is where it can be summarised as headquarters for the terrorist activities because they produced chemicals, planning and acquiring resources that could be used in the terrorism act. Some measures that should take place include collection of computers, cleaning the area with the help of CBRN and arresting all culprits found (Fallon and Zgodzinski, 2005).

The second area is Promenade where people were/ are celebrating and enjoying illuminations. The area is populated and it is an area that is adversely affected because of the unconscious people and traffic accidents. Some measures that will have to take place in this area include containment of chlorine gas, evacuation and treating the affected people, evacuating population to an area that they can be monitored, a call centre should be set since 999 is overwhelmed, and traffic police are required to monitor the car accidents.

The third area of incident is the Blackpool Tower where the airplane that was spraying the chlorine gas crashed. Some measures that should take place in this region include controlling the fire that is developing and putting in place measures to ensure the gas is controlled, if any left before the crash (Fallon and Zgodzinski, 2005). Generally, to ensure that the incident is addressed conclusively, a command structure is crucial and the command structure should be able to monitor and solve the complications within the three locations (Haddow, Bullock, and Coppola, 2006).

The Incident Commander will be located at Birch Green area while a number of sections that will be created, which include operation, planning, logistic and administration will assist the Incident Commander. In fact, the command structure will replace the graph below. The planning, logistic and administration sections will be located within Incident Command office in which the Incident Commander will direct his/her duties from. The operation section will have small offices within the areas of incidents and will be responsible for the actual duties of assisting in containing the incident (Pollak, 2002).

3. Responsibilities of the Category One RespondersCategory one responders are crucial in ensuring that appropriate actions have been taken to ensure that the incident is mitigated. The major respondents are the emergency service providers that include fire and rescue, police, British Transport Police and ambulance. Local Authorities include the unitary authorities that ensure and provide means to ensure all activities of the town operate smoothly. NHS provides safety and health measures. Other important agencies are the health protection and environment.

Thus, in the case of this incident some responsibilities that the Category One Responders will have to accomplish include (International Association of Fire Chiefs, 2004):

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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