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1a. Choose three reasons you think are the most important and post these to the discussion on the WebCT Discussion Board Lecture 1. Remember to justify your choices. Your choice of what is most important will probably depend on your values, experiences and context. Managing health resources: Investing in health resources within a country is as important as investing in trade. However, many countries face shortages when it comes to health resources (Peters, Rao and Fryatt, 2003). This is not a good practice as healthy citizens are the basis of the success of a country’s economy.

By doing research and obtaining statistical data both qualitatively and quantitatively, it would allow the country to prioritize which areas of health are in need of more funding and this would directly improve healthcare. Standardization of management: Research would also allow healthcare personnel to have standardized care for all patients via the usage of clinical practice guidelines. This would prevent the problem of using experience as a basis of management procedures as research based outcomes are more easily accepted. At the end of the day, it would also translate to better patient care and less morbidity/mortality rate (Dartnell, Hemming, Collier and Ollenschlaeger, 2007). Gauging the standards of healthcare personnel: It is important that we as healthcare personnel regardless of either being a paramedic, nurse or doctor have to from time to time gauge the level of our service towards our clients which in this case are our patients.

With research, we can continuously improve our service as it can tell us via parameters such as anxiety in the wards, healthcare personnel-patient relationship and general feedback whether we are doing a good job (Basch, 1987).

1b What types of research occur in your professional organization? There are many types of research which can be found within the organization. It can be divided into primary and secondary research. Primary research includes original research such as experimental studies, randomized controlled trials, controlled trials, observational studies, cohort studies, case control studies and case reports. Secondary research include studies such as meta-analysis, systematic reviews, decision analysis and consensus reports1c What types of research would you consider to be most useful to you and why? In my opinion, I would consider randomized controlled trials to be most useful.

This is because there would be less bias, predictive factors would be balanced between both groups and randomization would also provide a more valid way to evaluate the advantages/disadvantages of 2 different types of management (Green, 2000). 2a What form of knowledge do you value and why? What is it in your personal history that has led you to value this way of knowing? I value theoretical, practical and evidence based forms of knowledge. Theoretical knowledge would provide the basic understanding: knowing why and how something occurs.

Practical knowledge would allow me to apply what I have learnt in real life situations so that not only can I gain experience, I would be able to gain addition knowledge on which method works best for me. Evidence based knowledge would allow me to make decisions based on research and this would further improve my daily practice as a paramedic. Personally, I have had many family members as well as friends who have been admitted to the hospital for different reasons and from what I gather from them, the healthcare personnel who offer them the best treatment usually apply these principles in their practice which leads to a better experience.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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