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November 23, 2007University: IntroductionThis paper intends to throw light on the role of organizations that has transformed the society into a structured experience for individuals and continue to influence the relationship of individual to humanity and environment. The cutting rim of contemporary science and technology has shifted, in its objective, further than the release of human’s land to the abolition of human beings. Such stories of abandoning the depression of personal life exist of course for a long period; new shapes have taken place in the modern era. The probability of accomplishment, through the courtesy of new scientists, is anybody’s guess.

The most recognizable form of this hallucination in our era is inherited engineering specifically: particularly, the vision of designing improved human beings by enhancing their biological arrangements. But still more theatrical are the suggestions of small, grave, and skillful assembly of toiler in the areas of fake intelligence and automatics. Their aim is a new era of post-biological existence, a world of intellect with no bodies, eternal uniqueness with no restraints of illness, death and discontented desire. Commencement of TransformationThe story of how the human beings have organized themselves into machine societies commence in this manner: As a long-standing commencement with Big-Bang, the growth of planned systems, of which life of human being and intelligence are moderately new examples, enhances speed eventually.

Likewise, as a long-standing trend starting with the primary automated calculators; the beginning of computing ability enhances in speed over time. (Calás, M.and Smircich, L. 1991)If human beings are just apparatus that can be made better, if the parts of human being are expendable by others, after that it substances little if they are build biologically or in different manner.

That is much appropriate for the life of a human body but the question arises about the life of a person’s mind. Not only is that life occurs from biological instruments of minds, but the knowledge through automation is already practical realism. Human beings are not cognizant of actual world; it is mind’s processing of their body’s sensory contribution. Awareness is fundamentally subjective and significantly remarkable. We deduce it in neighbors, zoo animals etc from external symbols that apparently communicate to internal conditions we experience in a straight line.

Asking computers to reveal such external signs has been sacred grail of fake aptitude since famous test of automated intelligence was invented by Alan Turing. (Alvesson, M. and Sveningsson, S. 2003)Accomplishments by Human BeingsWhen human uniqueness comes to be stated as no more than a specific biological pattern, it is alike all such patterns, a passing occurrence on a progress scale. In the long-run, the survival of human being will need alterations that are not of their choice. As human being continue to organize themselves into machines, some of us will have to be disposed of and replaced by new elements to be compatible with altering circumstances and evolving opponents.

Although we are eternal, we shall die part by part if we have to achieve accomplishment in the qualifying episode-sustained survival. Each time every human being will be totally altered, formed more by outside confrontations than by their own requirements. Our present recollections and curiosities, having misplaced their significance, will at most finish up in a grimy archive. If the scenario is sighted in this manner, personal eternity by brain transplant in a method whose basic advantages to provisionally pamper the receptiveness and sloppiness of individual human being.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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