Essays on How an Organization Can Improve on a Healthy Work Environment Assignment

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The paper "How an Organization Can Improve on a Healthy Work Environment" is a wonderful example of an assignment  on human resources. The safety work environment has received attention from the industrial organizations for the past decades. In recent years, establishing a more sustained healthy work environment plays a vital role in not only industrial organizations but also the educational institutions. Recent cases of massacre case which took placed in the Virginia Tech University made a thrilling wake-up call for creating a safe work environment in the educational institution.

In order to create a healthy and safe work environment in educational institutions, the following are deemed as strategies for achieving a positive work environment. 1. Humor encouraged environment. Humor is regarded as comfort employees who have joy in their work environment. They will exhibit the humor this throughout the day. When teachers place humor in classroom teachings, they also make comfortable to the students. 2. An open-door policy. Encourage employees to voice their concerns, ideas and needs to the management at any time. 3.

Clear values and expectations. Educational institutions must clearly state especially code of conduct, behavioral expectations, and professional values in each job description, and be sure to review it at performance appraisal time. 4. Simple environment. Try to reduce the level of stress of your educators by asking them fewer reports and other assignments. 5. Orderly and uncluttered work areas. Healthy work environments constitute uncluttered and organized work areas. They must be comfortable with all employees. 6. Recognize volunteerism. Educational institutions must recognize their staff who have contributed their work to the community and outside of the workplace by volunteering.

7. Effective communication. All educators must be effective communicators so that the communications among colleagues and students will result in no breakdown and distortion of information. 8. Effective decision making. Educators must have effective decision-making abilities. 9. Effective staffing. A number of educators required must be correctly estimated and recruited the positions as estimated. They must be competent and professional in respect to their assigned positions. 10. Effective leadership. They must possess effective leadership skills.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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