Essays on Discuss Some Of The Ways Western Cultural Elements Have Been Incorporated Into The Popular Cultures Assignment

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Popular culture incorporates an entity of ideas, perspectives, attitudes, memes and images, not forgetting any other phenomena that are emphasized by an informal consensus in a certain culture (Philipsen, 2008). This means that it belong to a specific society and historical period. Pop means that, it has the capability or qualities strong enough to have mass appeal, gained popularity irrespective of its style. It is noteworthy that, after the world war II, there were tremendous cultural and social changes which about by the mass media innovations and the meaning of the popular culture began to overlap with those of mass culture, image culture, consumer culture and culture for mass consumption just to mention but a few and this was caused by the western countries.

On the other hand, it is noted that, popular culture emerges due to urbanization and industrial revolution (Ahonen, 2008). Western culture is at times referred to western lifestyle or western civilization which refers to the heritage, ethical values, and traditional customs not forgetting certain artifacts and technologies. In the same case, western culture has for a long time being associated with artistic hosts, philosophic and literary themes.

The Celtic, Germanic, Latin and Hellenic ethnic and linguistic groups have for a long time shaped the western civilization since the 4th century. This also resulted to Christianization in European Middle ages. Many cultural and artistic modalities are correlated to western origin and form. Even if dances, visual acts, storytelling and architecture have been said to be human universals, they are expressed in the west in certain characteristic ways (Ahonen, 2008). Western culture is the dominant culture in the world.

All over there are traces of western influence while at the same time many countries have worked hard towards retaining their culture or even mix some western elements to their own. Even though Japan has adopted a lot of things from the west, it has substantially retained its culture (Sharts-Hopko, 2003). It is worth noting that, it is like they wanted to be westernized for they were looking forward to becoming a world power. This in short means that, the western culture have been integrated in Japan culture through diffusion and as for western culture names in anime.

This doesn’t have to Asia centric in other words it is not necessarily centered on Japanese life and therefore, some characters with different names. Anime is storytelling and this is not bound by the culture, nationality and religion unless it is deliberately (Allison, 2006). In Japan, the younger generation has been exposed to western ideas more than the older generation. This therefore means that, different people in Japan have differing opinions about the western culture. Japan has always been subject to foreign cultures.

Like for instance when prince Shitoku visited Tang dynasty China and adopted many customs from them, also having the same case with America’s occupation. From the mid 80s Japanese culture has been visibly present in Asia because Japan became one of the economic powers of the world (Lisa & Sara, 2008). In many Asian countries, art has been assimilated more easily into the global art theories and narratives with the exemption of Japan. Japan neglect is also symptomatic of the Japanese of the Japanese art world’s long history of self understanding and positioning in correlation with western modernity.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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