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The paper 'Strategic Human Resource Management and Planning' is a great example of a Management Case Study. Different external factors affect the operations of an organization and therefore, strategic planning is crucial in the determination of future needs of an organization (HÄRTEL & FUJIMOTO, 2010). Strategic planning determines the success of an organization in a given industry. Elements such as selection, training of the employee, and recruitment impact on the best human resources practice in a given environment. Härtel & Fujimoto (2010) argue that effective selection of employees will be based on the criteria of competence so as to achieve organizational success.

Recruitment will be based on the ability to give your best in a given organizational setting. Different organizations embrace different human resource practices. This is due to diversity in operations of organizations operating in different industries. This paper will use an appropriate model to analyze the external environment and its impacts on an organization and discuss environmental elements and their impact on human resource practices. Elements such as recruitment, and training of employees to improve their job performance within and outside the organization will be discussed.

Our organization of choice will be AUSFUEL PTY LIMITED. This is an organization with a workforce of more than 20,000 and operates in many sectors such as transport, education, and health. Organization profile AUSFUEL PTY LIMITED is a lubricant and a fuel distribution company. The company was established in 2004 and has outlet resell shops of up to 110 and an employee force of 465. It handles services such as supply and delivery of lubricant products, fuel storage, dispatch of fuel services, and pumping services.

The company’ s director is rook David and the Headquarter of the company is in Berrimah, which is in the Northern territory. The major suppliers of fuel to the company include BP REGIONAL AUSTRALASIA HOLDING PTY LIMITED. AUSFUEL GROUP is the holding company of AUSFUEL PTY limited. AUSFUEL is among the top ten fuel companies in Australia. It has a direct consumer outlet of 300 million liters of fuel and 450 million to retailers. The success factor in the company depends on all employees in the company. Strategic decisions depend on managers who define strategic direction for the company.

The overall person to make final strategic decisions is Mr. Brooke David. Jackson & Schuler Model According to Schuler, Human Resource Management(HRM) is an aggregation of systems, processes, activities, and procedures which managers undertake to facilitate business issues in an organization. To be specific, such activities will include behavioral and cognitive frameworks, health and safety policies, and legislation. The model focuses on the significance of strategic planning in aligning organizational change. Organizations need to change values, structures, corporate culture, strategy and mission. Effective changes in human resource practices and policies will encourage a change in organizational behavior (DESSLER, 2012) & (HÄRTEL, 2007).

There is a mismatch of skills and job design in most organizations. The organization needs effective job design tools and processes to affect the productivity of employees. Strategic planning will need an induction, performance management, benefits and reward scheme, development, and training of employees (MATHIS & JACKSON, 2003). Impact of external environment on a range of HRM practices It is the role of strategic managers to anticipate and handle change in an organization. Organizational change is out of certainty (MONDY, NOE & GOWAN, 2005).

Identification of change will aid in the strategic planning of the company. Some of the internal factors in an organization will include human resources, organization culture, management, physical assets, cash profit and profit, and organizational structure. External factors will include economical factors, competition, legal, political, technological, and environmental factors (SNOW, 1989).


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