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The Relationship between Management Processes and Leadership ProcessesManaging is part of our daily life, and so with leading. But, society’s problems are sometimes attributed in part from people’s lack of clear understanding of management principles. This principle involves even how management can be positively related to leadership in order to take advantage of this valuable principle and tool. Pascale and Athos (1983) argued that “the way in which management solves these problems in a society is a measure of the society itself. ” From a textbook case and academic standpoint, leadership and management are concepts currently seeing its transformation from rational, technical activity into a fascinating and vibrant field that encourages deep study of its underlying and surrounding themes.

In the Art of Japanese Management, Pascale and Athos (1983) argued that leaders and managers must be able to ensure that an organization resolve the following problems: 1) how to organize efficiently and delegate responsibilities; and, 2) how to reward and motivate employees, and how to control resources and ensure results. It has been a long-established view and knowledge how this tier relationship may coherently and effectively assist organization in its primordial goal to achieve its vision to succeed.

But what do we mean by leadership and management really? Are these two concepts related with one another? Experts said the common notion ascribed and used to define the meaning of leader is by way of referring to the role one carries, the title attached to his name, and the role he plays in an organization. As few other definitions strikingly confuses the other meanings referred to leadership and management, the others expound it however; thereby producing a more complex meaning as studies being conducted runs deeper.

However, it was never clear or determined how then should each concept play their respective roles in view of this issue. Without doubt, leadership and management are positively related. Like a twins, the two principles are tied since birth but the difference lies in the fact that both will eternally be inseparable. Although the dynamism of this relationship has been gaining strong reviews and analyses in both business schools and academe for many years, its complexity is deepening by miles.

Scholars and researchers have documented enough proofs to support this, more than enough to encourage an exploration in an exciting and rich territory of thought-provoking issues that surround the behavioral concept of leadership and academic principle of management such as politics, values, ethics, gender and exploitation (Akella 2008). Thus, the quest for meaning in this tier of management and leadership can be compelling yet elusive, and remain so until today. To be pragmatic about the use of these concepts in our lives, however, can result in positive or negative way about how proper roles will be played by leaders and followers in our society, environment and organizations.

Thus, it is said the interplay between leadership and management is influenced by two main factors – the characteristics of the individuals involved, and the nature of the situation they face, which can invariably affect or influence our understanding of the relationship of both concepts. This basic point lies in the heart of several approaches to leadership known as contingency theories of leader effectiveness. Under this approach to leadership, it said that no one best style of leadership.

Instead, it said that certain leadership styles may prove most effective under certain situations. Together with the use of other contingency-leadership models, this study seeks to identify the conditions and factors that determine whether, and to what degree, leaders and managers will enhance the performance and satisfaction of their followers.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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