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Essays on Discuss The Relevance Of The Higher Certificate In Custodial Care To Work Of Irish Prison Officers Essay

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Custodial CareIrish Prison ServiceThe Irish Prison Service happens to be a uniformed and well organised organisation and every member of the organisation should be having an ordered approach toward their work. When an individual joins the Irish Prison Service as a Recruit Prison Officer (RPO) he is expected to start with a training programme which provides him assistance in carrying out the assigned responsibilities professionally and competently. The RPOs are supposed to be trained for duration of two years, and most of these two years are spent working placement in the prisons.

If an RPO is to be learning the required talents in order to work in the complicated plus demanding settings of the prisons, there is a certain programme designed which would help them in the development of skills that are required if he is to achieve the status of a professional prison officer. The development of this programme in question has been done by the Irish Prison Service (IPS) together with I. T. Sligo and through this programme the RPO achieves a Higher Certificate in Custodial Care. Higher Certificate in Custodial CareThe Higher Certificate in Custodial Care (HCCC) in Arts happens to be a recognised third-level educational award at level 6 on the HETAC awards system (Education Ireland).

Every RPO is required to successfully complete this mentioned two year programme if they wish to become established prison officers. In the HCCC programme there is a combination of educational and occupational training and the designing has been done such that the skills of the person are developed and the knowledge is polished such that the person is ready to assume the role of a prison officer.

There are in total four semesters in HCCC and they are distributed over two years. Every semester has a focus on the various strands which are necessary for the skills and knowledge of the person to be developed and also for training the person such that he is fit to perform the responsibilities of a prison officer. The initial nine weeks of this programme is conducted at the Irish Prison Service Training and Development Centre (IPSTDC) at BeladdHouse in Portlaoise (Irish Prison Service). It leads to the RPOs getting the required skills that they need to have if they are to work at a prison.

The nine week induction training happens to be a feature of semester 1 of the HCCC and it consists of various units which can be on: the duties and responsibilities of prison officers, the rules of a prison, the safety processes and safety theory plus the health in the prisons. The beginning of these nine weeks make up the development of practical skills and lectures in academic theory and these are supplied to the students through the IPSTDC staff and I. T.

Sligo lecturers. Custodial Care at IT SligoThe Institute of Technology, Sligo happens to be positioned at quite a cutting edge of the expansion plus deliverance of work-based educational agendas being conducted in Ireland. Higher Certificate in Arts in Custodial Care IT Sligo has started delivering the Higher Certificate in Arts in Custodial Care to more than 300 Recruit Prison Officers of the Irish Prison Service (Institute of Technology, Sligo). This is a novel and quite an interesting programme. The teaching method approached is blended, involving face to face class, together with interactive workshops and also using an interactive website.

The focus of the course lies over four areas, namely, “work practice, professional development, health and wellbeing and law and society” (Institute of Technology, Sligo).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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