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The paper "Impact of Globalization on Leadership" is a perfect example of a report on management. Every leader faces their own set of opportunities and challenges which are unique to the history of the company, technology, customer changes, and market segments. Each one of them is being faced with the opportunities as well as the challenges that come with the rapid globalization of businesses. The concept of globalization is new and it first emerged when companies started to grow beyond the national boundaries to form multinational companies. In some cases, these companies were growing to be so large that they were losing their sense of national identity as they began to internationalize.

This report will discuss what globalization is, its advantages, and disadvantages ways in which leadership has changed in the context of a globalized environment. It will also profile the leadership and communication styles of a global or national leader you admire. Introduction to Globalization The word Globalization consists of a broad range of categories which include technology and migration which are part of the elements that differentiate a countries lifestyle and culture.

However, in spite of the different cultures and unique set up of the different countries, globalization has come to link them up as a meshed object or equipment, making them integrated in one way or the other. It also refers to an organization undertaking business beyond the country’ s boundaries with the aim of making capital or attaining goods and services. Globalization is further broken down into five social elements which are biological, socio-cultural, technological, political, and economic. This means that once a country starts to integrate with each other in the process of trade, the culture of one country may affect the other to a great extent even though the countries are totally different in regard to their culture and practice.

Eventually, both countries with time discover that their economic, political, social, and biological status is deeply rooted and integrated with each other. The origin of globalization can be traced back to thousands of years where people would cross from their country to another for long distances in the name of trading items that were not available in their country such as the famous Silk Road through to central Asia.

The road was used as a link between Europe and China (Harris, 2010)  


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