Essays on Leadership Has Changed within the Context of a Globalized Environment Coursework

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The paper "Leadership Has Changed within the Context of a Globalized Environment" is an outstanding example of management coursework. Leadership involves creating direction by developing vision and strategy upon a given country or nation. It also involves alignment by helping other people to grow through shared culture and vision. Good employee relationships are built through leadership styles that focus on inspiring and motivating the workers. Leaders create change in society by establishing direction and by aligning people into that specific direction and encouraging them in order to overcome inevitable obstacles. Effective management skills are important in surviving the increasing level of competition.

Insureon, a company that offers business insurance to small and startup firms has benefited immensely from effective leadership. Ted Devine, the CEO of Insureon Company, a leading online business insurance agency has implemented effective leadership. He has an open-plan office with the CFO’ s space adjacent to his. The other department heads sit nearby the CEO. The office structure is not divided by cubicles (Carimac Business Elite, 2013). This enables Devine to communicate and liaise easily with all the 20 employees.

The instituted open floor plan is a representation of the company’ s management style which symbolizes Devine’ s spirit of openness and availability to all the employees. His principle is that “ One is: No walls, no borders, no hierarchy. Everybody can talk to everybody. Everybody can participate in a decision” . He emphasizes the importance of leadership that encourages people to work together. The change in leadership in Insureon is motivated by workplace behaviors of Millennial generation which comprises of population born between 1980 and 2000. Such persons are changing how leadership is taking place by advising leaders not to just issue direction on what should be done but also to explain why things should be done.

They should also demonstrate how things should be done (Billprettyman, 2013). 2.0 Leadership style in Insureon Company 2.1 Relational leadership in Insureon Company Relational leadership is concerned with how leaders and followers influence and interact with one another. A good leader should be able to exchange information with the followers. Also, they should bring about significant change in the society. Such leaders engage all participants and enable them to contribute towards achieving the organisational vision.

Transformational and transactional leadership styles are also part of relational leadership (White, 2013). Ted Devine is a relational leader going by the open floor office plan that he instituted in Insureon Company. He has a policy that discourages walls, barriers and hierarchal office structure. His ideology is that everyone should take part in decision making and should work together in order to transform the entire company. According to Devine, leaders should lead arm in arm with their team. He admires leaders that are easily accessible for consultation.

This enables employees to contribute their views, raise complaints and share experiences and skills. Half of the Insureon staff are born between 1980 and 2000. This generation is called Millennial generation. The role of such persons in the American workplace is to establish the profound effect on how leaders lead. They require leaders to explain how things should be done and to demonstrate how they should be done. Devine has implemented this leadership approach in order to enhance communication. This has also enabled innovation and creativity among the employees.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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