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Part one: British air ways-the current marketing relationship and activityIn an effort to ascertain the relationship between the marketing strategy and the level of activity at the British air ways company, the following aspects are examined: the type of service offered by the company, a critical evaluation of the company’s current level of activity, ways in which the company can improve alongside the benefits inherent on choosing to change in line with the current relationship between the marketing strategy and the then type of operation that the company should adopt. Type of service offered by the companyBritish airline is solely involved with the provision of both regional and international flight carrier services.

In line to this, the airline offers charter services to passenger and cargo that may entail mails and a number of other ancillary services. The airline currently operates from two major airports in the United Kingdom. These two airports include Gatwick and Heathrow. This airline thus coordinates its services in a number of destinations around the world. It is thought that the British airline operates in a total of seventy five countries around the globe (Heidi 234).

The international schedule seems to take precedence over the regional schedule. The airline thus covers a total of a hundred and forty eight destinations in all the seventy five countries within which it operates. The services of this airline are offered through the use of a number of modern aircrafts including the Boeing 747 where the company owns a total of 57 aircrafts, the Boeing 777 thought to be a collection of 47 planes, alongside both the Boeing 767 and the Boeing 757 where the company is thought to be owning a total of 47 and 13 planes respectively.

Other aircrafts owned by the airline include a number of air buses and a few Avro RJ. Price determinationSince the year 2007, British air ways has established a very ideal pricing strategy for its users. This came after the price fixation suit in which the airline was implicated in fraudulent acts. This was in the quest to earn a competitive advantage over its close rival, the virgin Atlantic air line. The top management of the airline attributed the act to the surcharges in fuel prices.

According to the top officials, this was a strategy geared at recovering the heavy cost implicated in fuel purchases (Heidi 234). This saw the company laying aside a total of $300 million to cater for price fixation. The companyThe British airline is said to have emerged from the merging of a number of small British airlines in the year 1924. The airline thus came in to operation in the year 1935 under private ownership. During the post war period, this airline had been merged with the imperial airline and thus operated as the British over seas air Ways Corporation.

Under this title ship the British over seas air ways became the very first airline to operate a number of jet services. The very first plane in this category later became problematic. This saw the line of service delivery being marred with lots of accidents and a number of technical problems. The company resolved to the replacement of the Comet 1 with yet another jet liner service called the comet 4.

The British air line title was thus coined in the year 1972 with the emergence of a boom in the flight provision service industry. Privatization of the company came with the chairmanship of John King (Heidi 234). He is credited for greatly transforming the airline from lose making. The British air ways at the moment thus became one of the most profitable ventures in the world aviation industry. His tenure led to the over haul of the British air ways fleet and routes. To boost the entire image of the airline, John king initiated the recruitment of effective personnel to serve in various capacities.

This move saw a number of new experts flocking in to the airline. A total of twenty three thousand new vacancies were created and offered in the start of the year 1980. John king is known to have been at the fore front of inducing employees. This was done the expense of the payment of taxes. This is an aspect that later benefited the privatization of the airline. . In 1987 the airline was privatized and at the same time introduced in to the London stock market.

The move was made by the conservative government. The initial public offer at the time of privatization was estimated to be at eleven times higher than the real value. The growth of the British airline was later boosted by the acquisition of the British second leading airline the Caledonian.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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