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The paper "Customer Service Development" is a great example of an essay on business. The history of Service Profit Chain spans back to the nineties when it was developed in the Harvard University students. The Service Profit Chain works on the principle that there is a financial relationship between customer loyalty, high service experiences and high-profit returns in any organization. With respect to the model, it, therefore, follows that every business or organization should thrive to create customer value. If the services that an organization offers are appealing to a customer or consumer, then the customer will be tied to those services.

In that way, the body tends to make a profit as customers like its services.   In the study of Customer Relations, it is clear that every business tries to create a good rapport with the customers to tie them to the organization. Business attendants have to have certain characteristics that are likely to impress customers to be hired. A supermarket’ s human resource department has to do a survey to know their market and customer preferences on the type of services they offer so that they customize their services to the taste of the customers.

A supermarket needs to employ current technology in dispensing their services to customers. Current technology will help in improving service delivery in saving time. Technology will help an organization to keep in constant contact with the customers through online marketing and answering customer questions. An organization can also create good customer relations by handling their complaints and problems efficiently and instantly. An organization can also offer time to time offers and discounts especially those services that are fundamental to customers.

In building customer relations, an organization should also act as a useful resource for the customers in matters such as the provision of information on other services within the industry. Customer service development is the key to all business endeavors as long as the company deals with people. People have the liking to be involved with activities that affect them in any business. They feel appreciated and, in that case, feel a sense of belonging. Profits will be realized once a business has a large, loyal customer base.

This is possible only with good customer relationships.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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