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Insert The Problem of Social Inequality I feel that social inequality in the United s is a serious problem which sees national resources being disbursed unfairly and largely based on doctrines of allocation requiring specific criteria based along some social factors that influential people consider as effective. The economic inequality in the country is dictated by the capitalism aspect of unequal apportionment of earnings and or wealth, which has since created a few billionaires as vast populations scramble for the limited remainder of the wealth. Many American citizens are feeling the pinch of uneven sharing of social and natural wealth because the tradition has created various social classes, with those who are most privileged occupying the higher end of the society while the less privileged occupy the lower class segments of the social and economic order.

The working class fall in between – the middle class. Specifically, the problem of social inequality is influencing disparity in the citizens’ enjoyment of the rights and freedoms, political power and other services offered by government including education, security, justice, health care, shelter, financial services, and infrastructure development.

With social inequality, members of the lower social classes will continue to be disadvantaged in terms of enjoying these public services. The solution to social inequality lies in the fair distribution of the public resources without any influence from capitalist norms. This can be achieved by formulating universal social policies which cut bring lower social classes symbolically at par with members of the higher end. By enforcing stronger social welfare policies and laws such as the Affordable Care Act, the lower social classes will feel more empowered and earning their ‘rightful’ share of the national resources.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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