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Can Science Be Sacred al Affiliation) Can Science Be Sacred? Adam Frank uses a previous experience, where he was coming from a Partial Differential Equations (PDEs) class and headed to the student cafeteria to get a cup of coffee, to explain the relationship between science and the sacred. He attributes his experience to the equations and states that solving the equations indicated a connection between science and the sacred. After noticing oscillations on the coffee’s surface from the ice cream freezer’s motor, he explains the theory of hierophany. Frank, (2012) explains that the relationship between science and the sacred lies in focusing on the experience.

When the equations are solved practically, the solutions are understood through the experience. It is this experience that Frank describes as, “hierophany” (Frank 2012). The coffee cup incident was an experience of the sacred. It was from the incident that Frank extracted, “the connection, and the usefulness, of the sacred to a world saturated with the fruits of science” (Frank 2012). Science is fundamental to technological advancement; hence a path to discovering the sacred.

Frank concludes that science is the gateway to the sacred. It is through science that humanity can focus on the experience that differentiates a religion from the sacred. Frank provides insight to what ought to be considered as religion and as sacred. The article develops an understanding that equations attempt to explain the sacred. In addition, the sacred is depicted to mean natural occurrences. For example, the planetary motion is a natural occurrence. However, the motion can be understood using a set of equations to analyze the movement. The article is clear and succinct on explaining the significance of science to experience the sacred.

The article also sheds light as to whether the sacred can exist outside a religion. Faith forms the fundamental component of religion whereas experience is the fundamental component of sacred. Religion is mainly based on the creed and doctrine of spiritual life. On the other hand, the sacred is the natural occurrences that are not influenced by human behavior, and that can be understood through science. Science cannot explain religion as it does explain the sacred. ReferenceFrank, A. (2012, January 20).

Can Science Be Sacred? Retrieved January 30, 2015, from http: //www. huffingtonpost. com/adam-frank/can-science-besacred_ b_1213082.html

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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