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February 7, Psychology Discussion Research can be done several ways. The paper delves on the research methods. The paperfocuses on the god-related research. Ungodly research should be avoided. Statement 1: “Research methods…godly. ” The book of 1 John’s verse 1 espouses that we should not believe all spirit (Wiersbe, 2011). Instead, people should test whether each spirit is from God or not. The verse continues to state that many false prophets crop up in our world. The verse requires everyone to research whether someone who claims to be Christ or from God.

Test can be done several ways (methods). One test is to use the statistics tools (Coolican, 2013). Statistics tools include variance analysis, mean, median, standard deviation or mode. Test can be done by asking confirmatory information from another person or source. During Christ’s time, the temple religious leaders believed Jesus blasphemed because Jesus claims to be God’s son. To test includes determining whether the act of the person complies with God’s espoused concepts or instructions. Statement 2: “Research methods…ungodly. ”Genesis 2, verse 17 affirms research methods can be ungodly (Wiersbe, 2011).

The verse prohibits Adam and Eve to engaging in research, they are prohibited from determining whether God is telling the truth. God prohibits Adam and Eve from eating the fruit from the tree of knowledge. However, Adam and Eat became curious. The snake, Satan, convince the two humans to eat the fruit from the tree of life. Eating the fruit is one prohibited research method. One research method is to cook the apple before eating.

Another research method is eating raw apple (not cooked). Based on the above verse discussions, research can be done in many ways. The bible espouses godly research. However, some individuals prefer ungodly research. Evidently, ungodly research must be evaded for being violating God’s instructions. References: Coolican, H. (2013). Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology. New York: Routledge Press. Wiersbe, W. (2011). The Wiersbe Bible Study Series. New York: David Cook.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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