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Discussion Question AHRQ Disparities Report The AHRQ Disparities Report s about the current scenario of healthcare quality and disparity within the sector. The report primarily highlighted the effectiveness of healthcare in various scenarios for numerous diseases including cancer, HIV and Diabetes among others. This discussion put light on the prevalence of proper and effective healthcare services in the domain of Diabetes. As per the report, the diseases ranked 7th in terms of its impact on the death rate of the nation. The report also depicted that since the number of people with the disease is increasing on a continuous basis, the overall healthcare cost of the nation is also increasing at a significant rate.

The findings of the report suggest that the four diabetes service intervention is proved to be vital in dealing with the disease, especially amid the people above the age of 40. These intervention processes to deal with the disease include flu shot, dilated eye examination, examination of foot and HbA1c tests. Findings suggested that there has been a decline in rate of Diabetes amid the White people while others depicted a rising trend in the recent years (AHRQ, 2013).

These aspects can further be aligned with the current scenario of the disease in Florida. The state has showed a rising trend with regard to the prevalence of diabetes over the years. However, with regard to the prevention of the disease, concerned authorities has focused on self-management of the disease rather than emphasizing clinical intervention (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, n.d. ). This aspect depicts the lack of relevance amid the report and the approach followed in Florida.

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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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