Essays on First Inaugural Address by Ronald Reagan Article

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The paper "First Inaugural Address by Ronald Reagan" is a delightful example of an article on history. Reagan accepted the opportunity to air out his vision for the government. While referring to the economic ills suffered by the state in several decades, he clearly urges Americans that government is not the solution” to the present crisis (Reagan, para 8). The most interesting element of his speech is that he tries to create a sensation of belonging among the Americans by emphasizing on the indigence for the masses to govern themselves first before they think of governing others (Reagan, para 10).

His confidence in the people to revive America from economic woes by emphasizing the achievements and duties of the multitude can be felt throughout his speech (Reagan, para 11-30). Reagan creates an argument with the aim of inspiring Americans to be the future heroes of their government. His speech clearly elucidates the platform that founded America (West Valley College, para 2). The riots present a true picture of police brutality that led to the reawakening of many Americans. The most interesting element in the article is that even despite Rodney giving himself to the police, they decided on their own that he was resisting arrest and went down to take power into their hands and beat him.

Firing live at the suspect further introduces the nature of police brutality that the people felt silent as traffic violations were offenses punishable by courts of law. On the other hand, since the suspect was black, there was increased interest among the African American community, which felt people silently suffered from racism and police brutality.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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