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The paper "Why Celebrity Endorsements Are Effective as Marketing Strategy Tools " is a perfect example of a marketing assignment. Various studies have shown that celebrity endorsements are effective as marketing strategy tools because of their ability to appeal to a wider category of people through the association of products with known personalities. Celebrity in this case is described as a person who is popularly known because of their excellence in a particular field, extraordinary skills, or talents (Ohanian, 1991). The following section discusses findings from a survey study that evaluated 52 respondents, 34 of whom were males while 18 were females. Q 12.

Have you ever purchased a product that is advertised by celebrities? In this study, 45 respondents, comprising 83%, conceded to have bought an item or items endorsed by a celebrity. On the other hand, only 7 respondents, representing 13%, said they have never bought an item that has been endorsed by a celebrity. These statistics allude to the effectiveness of celebrity endorsement as a tool to influence consumer choice. While a myriad of factors undoubtedly comes into play in influencing a consumer’ s final purchasing decision, Hamish and Pringle, 2005 posit that celebrity endorsement can indeed convert positive purchase intentions into actual purchases in Generation Y teenagers.

Indeed, research done by found out that product endorsement by celebrity athletes led to measurable behavioural outcomes such as switching to new products, positive verbal commentary, or complaints about a product. Conversely, negatively perceived endorsers can lead consumers to view the endorsed brand negatively. These results are consistent with the view that in spite of the cost and the attendant risks, celebrity endorsement is indeed an effective marketing tool.

Consequently, there should be a concerted effort in celebrity choice in order for their endorsement to result in brand promotion. Q 10. What attracts you more: Celebrity endorsed products or non-celebrity products? This study found out that 33 % of respondents indicated that they are attracted to celebrity-endorsed products, 8 % said they were attracted to non-celebrity endorsed products while 60 % of interviewed respondents said it depended on the product. These findings reveal the effectiveness of celebrating endorsement in marketing differs according to the product. The underlying assumption behind celebrity endorsement as a marketing tool is that an endorsement effectively suspends the consumer’ s judgment of the product itself.

Consequently, consumer choice is expected to rely upon the perceived positive attributes of the endorser.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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