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Incorporating Spirituality in Business1.0 Introduction and Statement of the ProblemCurrent businesses are not only concerned with either profit making or money. Entrepreneurs have realized that profit and money should not be organizational goals propriety for a business or a company. The community and the planet are facing many challenges which has made businesses and companies to incorporate social responsibility as an integral part as an integral part of reaching out to the downtrodden souls in the society (Shahjahan, 2005, p. 685-711). Entrepreneurs understand that without a settled spirit and a healthy body, it is difficult for any individual to be productive regardless of the kind of work he or she is engaged in.

with this in mind, many businesses are reaching out to the community through social responsibility with the aim of trying to solve or lessen the burden that is faced by many people in the current world. Economic crisis, social pressures, and changing demographics and social trends are all weighing down on many people in today’s society (Robert, 2001, p. 21-4). Entrepreneurs have realized that they cannot sit on the fence and assume that everything is working out well when their business productivity is being affected by the state of mind of the workers.

Businesses also belong to the community or the society in which they operate. Social trends or traditions of that particular society will in one way or another affect the profitability of the business or its going concern. Social responsibility is being given priority in many business organizations. Entrepreneurs have realized the importance of incorporating social values into their businesses. They view this as a way of remaining relevant in a fast-changing-world that needs expedient adaptability and quick discernment of the times.

Business type orientations such as triple bottom line and double bottom line are used to incorporate other values into the business besides the goal of targeting maximum profits and sustainable growth. The sanity of the society has a bearing of the profitability of any business (Fry, 2005, p. 619-22) There are other noble factors that motivate businesses and companies apart from profit making. This trend has led to introduction of spiritualism in the workplace. Spiritualism has a role to play in the workplace since it influences the way an individual makes his or her decisions.

Spirituality is not confined or limited to introduction of religion, or religious practices at the workplace. Religion is just a small portion of spirituality. Spirituality is the alleged or ultimate immaterial reality. It is an internal path which enables an individual to reconnect or discover the essence of her or her being; it is the deepest meanings and values by which people live (Clark, 2011, p. 107). Practices concerned with spirituality such as contemplation, prayer, and meditation are geared towards development of the inner life of a person.

Spiritual experience involves connectedness with a reality that is large that results into a self that is more comprehensive, or with nature, divine realm, and with other people or the wider community. This literature review is going to explore the source of spirituality, its meaning, its connection with religion, and its importance when incorporated in today’s business. Spirituality has a role to play in the running of business in today’s world.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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