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15 May La Voz: A Newspaper Review La Voz is a leading Spanish Language newspaper in Treasure Coast that is highly circulated and distributed more than any other Hispanic paper (“La Voz”). It caters information to the Hispanic communities within the Treasure Coast region through its local, national and international news content and, also special interest articles (“La Voz”). It is a popular newspaper media that influences the minds of its vast readers through various information it presents. Thus it is the goal of this paper to review the content quality it delivers to encourage precedence of responsible media and propose recommendations in areas lacking of it.

The review stated herein is based on last week’s edition of La Voz, 11th May 2012. News stories about current events are reported without bias. This issue’s headlines included President Obama’s approval of gay marriage, Puerto Rico’s Governor’s intention of making English as an official language, presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s clear position on immigration and the appeal for patience of IRS for the victims of identity theft. On other topics, scientific discovery was detailed about the dinosaurs’ gases which scientists found out to contribute in warming the soil.

For the section on “Violence Against Women Act, ” information on protections of immigrant women and victims of crimes were listed (Rivera 7). In sports, the upcoming Chelsea versus Milan match in Miami for the World Football challenge this year is reported. Updates were also given in boxing, NBA and Olympic Games. About health, the alarming issue of obesity in the United States was stated. Since it was the week of Mother’s Day celebration, several articles about gift ideas and recognition of mothers were included.

La Voz covered different topics from politics, to socially relevant issues. It seems that the quality of topics and the methods of reporting implemented are acceptable to the standard of a wide audience from the general public to private offices and school community. The reports adhere to the newspaper’s written mission which is also included in its body. The mission states “Our work, we understand, is to publish positive, truthful, educational and entertainment that will enhance our contribution to this society and keep alive our dual culture” (Rivera 4).

I believe that this advocacy and the staff’s commitment to its achievement promoted La Voz in its top position as a Spanish Language newspaper. The high volume of advertisements in the overall content of the newspaper is apparent, typical of a local newspaper. Advertisements come from a variety of industries. There are several posts about legal firms of injury lawyers and other specialized lawyers that provide assistance on domestic violence and common social issues such as misdemeanours, divorce, child support, drug abuse, immigration, etc.

Some even have a whole page of advertisement about their legal services. Other posts are about promotions of food businesses, telecommunication services, suggested gifts for Mother’s day, housing projects, car deals, services and insurance, employment opportunities, cash services, nursing certifications, medical services, dental services, sexual assault assistance programs, health related ads such as gymnasiums and healthy foods, and relaxation and beautification services such as spa and salon. Being observant to all the classifications of these advertisements, it seems that majority are targeted to individuals who encountered accidents, social abuse and immigration problems, as bulk of the ads are about legal services and assistance programs.

Next, the ads also target the medical, health and aesthetic needs of its readers. This is actually helpful to their target markets. These ads provide support for the welfare of the victims and the sick among others. They also help the unemployed and those who need health and beautification treatments. The companies that advertise in La Voz seem to be more of established companies as can be accounted to the big size of ads which is common in the newspaper.

That is why most of its pages are company/service promotions. Their target markets can definitely be moved to do an affirmative action regarding their situations as there is high frequency and visibility of the legal services, medical services or social assistance offered. Moreover, there are also few small sized advertisements about employment opportunities and small businesses. And these help in the hiring and promoting of the underserved populations. Although this does not seem to promote high prestige positions as most of the ads available for this issue targets crew staff positions.

Nevertheless, it is still helpful to the jobless and promotes income to the owners of small businesses thereby helping them increase their income. La Voz seems to deliver a good coverage of useful information and appropriate linkages to services or assistance useful to the prevailing issues that confront the Hispanic communities. Works Cited “La Voz. ” La Voz del Treasure Coast. n.p. , n. d. Web. 15 May 2012. Rivera, Paula (ed). La Voz: The Voice. Ivonne Fraga T, 11 May 2012. Web. 15 May 2012.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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