Essays on Diversity And Equality In The Workplace Coursework

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Diversity and Equality in the Workplace affiliation Workplace is experiencing a significant change throughout history, and the change is expected to evolve continuously with time. The workforce of a society reflects the changes that have taken place in the society. For instance, in the past the workforce was dominated by male but currently the female gender has come along and taken various top positions thus stopping the stereotype. Diversity can be defined as the act of acknowledging, valuing and accepting the differences that exist among people. These differences can be physical, ethnical, gender and race among others (Carrell & Heavrin 2008).

In the recent years there has been an influx of women in the workforce; the need to maintain equality in the workplace and prevent gender-based discrimination has been the focus in the workplace. However, various challenges have been noted to encompass the diversity. Sexual harassments, racial and cultural issues and negative attitude due to prejudice and stereotyping of employees have been seen as some of the major challenges of diversity in the workplace (Morgan & Várdy, 2009). It should be noted that embracing diversity has several merits in the workplace, it is, for this reason, that has made several organizations and companies to use resources in managing diversity.

Some of the advantages of diversity include increase adaptability; organizations that embrace diversity have a wider variety of solutions because employees from different settings bring talents, ideas and experiences. A diverse organization offers a broader service range globally; this is because the employees possess different languages and cultural understanding. Organizations that encourage diversity in the workplace provides an inspiration to its employees to execute functions more efficiently thus increasing the companies productivity.

Diversity can be enhanced in an organization when employers treat their employees fairly and equally, this will enhance inclusivity of all the employees. The company should have a written policy that tackles equal opportunities like equal pay reviews, promotions and employment, and the management take steps to fulfil the policies in the workplace. In addition, employees should be educated on their rights and understand what is expected from them (Bennett, 2009). ReferenceBennett, T. (2009). New ways of promoting equality and diversity in the workplace: The role of the union equality representative.

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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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