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Microsoft SurfaceThis platform is a combination of both hardware and software technologies which can be used by multiple users simultaneously. This technology was first launched by Microsoft as Surface 1.0 in 2008 and it was mainly marketed to business consumers. The goal of this technology is to recognize touch and objects without the need for external devices. It uses a Natural User Interface (NUI). MS Surface’s sensitivity to touch is due to a series of cameras that are built into it, the device also has software that processes information from the cameras and responds accordingly depending with the application that is being used.

Due to multi touch technology, MS Surface can detect and process touch from several positions at the same time. This device uses a 40 inch LCD screen and a 4 inch thickness, 2.9 GHz 64-bit AMD Athlon X2 core processor. 1 GB AMD Radeon HD graphics processor, 4 GB DDR3 RAM, 320 GB hard drive, wired (1 GB Ethernet) and wireless (802.11 and Bluetooth) network hardware. MS Surface has physical connectors which include HDMI, Stereo RCA, USB and SD card.

It also comes with embedded 64-bit windows 7 professional operating system. To protect the surface, it is corned with gorilla glass. It has recognition for more than 50 touch points and they can all be recognized simultaneously (Davies. 2009). In order for the device to perform all the functions it performs, it needs to have cutting edge technology. The operating system is based on a surface shell which runs and manages the sub processes involved in running of MS Surface. The software makes it easy to know where to tough, by displaying the touch points on the surface enabling the user to touch the touch points nearest to him.

Touch highlights an object, MS Surface also allows objects to be held and dragged to different parts of the surface. It also allows scaling by touching objects at two points and scaling them accordingly. There is also turning and flicking which allows an object on the surface to be put aside but still is acceptable. Ms Surface can also have a multi media function in which entertainment features can be installed (Roodyn.

2009). Impact of MS Surface on a restaurant In a restaurant like MacDonald’s, MS Surface can make it easier for customers to place orders; especially dine in customers. It would also eliminate the need for menus being printed and also have them presented in more detail e. g. the menu can give information on the nutritional value of the different meals on offer. MS Surface can also be used to present images of the meals on offer to ensure the client has a clear picture of the food.

Once a client has decided on the meal to take, they can order and pay at the table using their credit cards. The impact is that there will be less interaction between the customers and restaurant staff. As a result of paying through credit cards, the restaurant will be sure that all money paid for meals cannot be misappropriated. Exclusive use of credit card will mean that waiters will no longer be receiving tips. Installation of this technology can allow customers to be listening to music as they await their orders to be processes and their orders delivered.

This way they can be kept busy, and there will be an entertainment feature in the restaurant. The system might also be able to facilitate communication between the main server and customers in case there is need for clarification on an order once it has been placed. While using MS Surface, customers would pay for their meals exclusively using credit cards which mean there would be less cash in the restaurants. This will reduce the rate of robberies will be reduced since there will be no takes.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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