Essays on Do Children Want Different Products from Adults: Case of Starbucks Research Proposal

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The paper "Do Children Want Different Products from Adults: Case of Starbucks" is an excellent example of a research proposal on marketing. Starbuck Coffee Company Australia commenced in 2000 in the central business district of Sydney. Ever since the company has spread to other parts of Australia and so far it has 22 coffee houses in places like Sydney, Sunshine Coast, Melbourne, Gold Coast, and Brisbane. Though Starbucks Australia is a constitute branch of Starbucks Seattle Washington (Datamonitor 2006, pp. 5). The products and the services offered by Starbucks are of the world-class level.

For Starbucks Australia, it offers more than the finest coffee collected from all over the world but mainly from Brazil. The Starbucks restaurants are designed to create relaxed atmospheres that provide people with their personal space to use as they want (Moon & John 2003, pp. 20). However, the high public profile comes with a high level of public responsibilities. Starbucks works with some principle which include but not limited to; providing a good working atmosphere together with treating each worker with required respect and dignity, to embrace diversity and make it an essential ingredient in running the business, to contribute positively and widely to both communities and the environment, to embrace innovative and flexible solutions in the business to bring about the much needed change, buy and sell environmentally friendly products, and encouraging all the stakeholders to join hand in order to accomplish the mission of the corporation (Overholt 2004, pp.

6). The mission statement is to inspire and nurture all people's spirits i. e. one cup, one person and one neighborhood at a time.

The corporation is also geared to work, connect, laugh and uplift the lives of the customers. In the recent past, Starbucks Australia has introduced new products in its menu mainly targeting persons under the age of 18 years. Therefore, the marketing strategies and the products discussed below include the recently introduced brands to children. Starbucks Australia sells fair trade coffee on its customers and any visitors who visit the restaurant. This makes it the current market leader through innovation and the invention of new products. As mentioned earlier, Starbucks Australia has introduced new products called the champ line of beverage through innovations.

The corporation prides itself as the world’ s provider of the top most brands of beverages which is strongly supported by the mission statement (DIU 2007, pp. 9). In addition, the corporation has done the following; introduced new variety of coffee with lower concentrations of caffeine, introduced smaller and safer products mix for Starbucks champ preschool customers, recognition of younger generation by Starbucks Australia staffs as an important stakeholder of the corporation, has introduced a clarion call of satisfying every children customer who visits the stores, has created a place away from school and home where children can spend their leisure time.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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