Essays on Benefits of Employee Work Life Balance Coursework

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The paper "Benefits of Employee Work Life Balance " is a great example of management coursework.   There are changing demands in the labor market which has influenced the way organizations to manage their employees. The economic changes have compelled many employees to work in more than one organisation so that they can sustain their living standards. This is the expectation of many employees and therefore the employers should this issue (Van Knippenberg 2006). In this effect, the management of many organizations has considered the work-life balance so that the employees can work the time which is best and convenient for them so that they can have adequate time for their personal life.

From the research which has been conducted, it is clear that organisations which apply work-life balance are better managed as compared which do not practice the good practice (Alterman et al 2013). This is because when the employees are satisfied with their jobs they can improve the performance which enables the company to meet the needs of the customers. In this regard, my stand is that work-life balance confers various benefits to the organisation. Thesis statement Work-life balance confers various benefits to an organisation.

The benefits conferred to the organisation as a result of the work-life balance include increased productivity, reduced employee absenteeism and reduces the cost of labor and the costs associated with it and this helps to improve the performance of the organisation in the competitive market (Zuo & Tang 2000). Further, the research indicates that the employees work better when the HR policies promote work-life balance. Benefits of employee work-life balance From the research which has been conducted, work-life balance confers many benefits to the organization.

Work-life balance is the process of balancing one’ s personal life with that of the workplace. The following are benefits which help to improve the organization. To begin with, the work-life balance helps to increase the productivity of the employees (Beauregard & Henry 2009). This is because when an organization schedules its policies in an appropriate manner, it will enable employees to have their own convenient time for their personal activities since they don’ t work under pressure and this will increase their morale since they have the freedom on how to spend their time and them will produce quality work because the number of accidents will reduce since no more stress from work.

Also, work-life balance can increase productivity if employees are given time to have fun with their family members, friends and also free time to travel to different countries so that they can enjoy and change to a new environment. This helps employees to develop a positive attitude towards work and they always praise their employees for treating them in a fair manner (De Cieri et al 2005).

In addition, work-life balance can increase the productivity of an organization when management schedules properly the reporting time, the departure time, and also off days. This will help employees to be aware of when to report to work and when to leave from work. Hence employees feel recognized and comfortable to balance their own activities with that of work. Therefore, this makes them feel motivated. Finally, work-life balance has increased productivity of employees because good life balance encourages employees to work harder than those whose lives are not taken care of.

Therefore, this improves employees’ living standards and productivity goes high.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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