Essays on Human Resource Policies and Good Employee Relationship Coursework

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The paper "Human Resource Policies and Good Employee Relationship" is a good example of management coursework.   Human Resource policies refer to the guidelines and formal rules that have been put in place by a business or an organization so as to hire, train the hired staff, assess them and reward the workforce team. If these policies are organized and effectively disseminated they can serve the purpose of pre-empting the misunderstandings that exist among employees and also between the employees and the employers. Having the Human Resource Policies written down is very crucial since it assists in its implementation in that, the written policies provide a clear picture of what the written down policies are and this also enable them to be applied fairly and consistently across the organization.

In the present day, most human resource policies regardless of whether written or verbal, are always part of the employment contract that is between the company and the employee. This, therefore, implies that without a clearly set out human resource policy the organization is disadvantaged. Several studies have shown that Organizations that have ensured proper implementation of Human Resource Policies have had a competitive advantage over the other organizations that have not implemented proper Human Resource Policies.

Some of the advantages that have been attributed to effective Human Resource Policies include; Good Employee Relationship, Reduction in Litigation fees, benefit from qualified Staff and that the staff are properly evaluated and compensated. Good Employee Relationship One of the greatest benefits that are greatly attributed to effective Human Resource Policy is Good Employee Relationship in the workplace. Employee relationship mainly entails management of the relationship among the employees and the between the employer and the employee.

It has been identified that Human Resource policies play a significant role in ensuring that there is good and smooth employee relationship in the workplace environment. Further research shows that happy workers tend to be more productive hence the organisation performs much better. One of the best ways for a business to stay ahead in the industry is by is to ensure that the employee needs are met so that they do not feel like leaving the business and work for the other competitors.

To ensure good employee relationship an organisation should adopt human resource policy that confers high value to the employees and regards them as stakeholders of the organisation. According to stakeholders tend to be committed either financially or otherwise to the organisation and are also affected by the failure or success of the organisation. In organisations where their Human Resource Policies, perceive employees as more than paid workers but rather as stakeholders and with the ability to influence the outcome, the employees tend to feel valued and the same is expressed in their level of productivity.

This treatment should be passed on to each and every employee of the organisation and this will create a good employee with the management of the organisation. There are exist various elements that enhance good employee relationship in the organisation. These include, clearly stated and written down human resource policies, communication and employee recognition. One of the most crucial elements of an effective employee relationship is communication. This involves making the employees feel engaged in the organisation. This is achieved by informing them what is going on in the organisation and the future plans of the organisation.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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