Essays on The Relevance of Logos in Buyer Behavior in Terms of Perception Assignment

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The paper “ The Relevance of Logos in Buyer Behavior in Terms of Perception” is an intriguing example of an assignment on marketing. Consumer perception is an approximation of the reality on the ground as the brains normally attempt to make senses and react to stimuli to which they are exposed. It usually works effectively when consumers see, hear or sense things. There are several sequential factors, which influence a consumer’ s perception. The exposures do involve the extent through which we encounter the stimulus. As consumers walk along the streets, they encounter several commercial messages across the street; there are several billboards, bumper stickers, radio advertisements, banners and signs placed in the major shopping malls. Exposure is enough stimuli to have a significant impact on the individual perception, and this one is not necessarily based on one time trial.

Commercial exposures such as Swoosh and logo are normal based on extensive and continuous repetition and not just one time action. In order for the stimuli to be consciously processed, attention is required. Attention is a matter of degree, and there are instances when our attention might be high and instances when attention might below.

The level of attention does not matter, but the frequency at which you attract the attention of an individual is the most important. Logos are based on this simple principle where a particular brand of a product will choose a given logo and display that logo on its product repeatedly until the frequency at which a consumer can associate the product and the logo are uncountable. Interpretation of things involves making sense out of stimulus and triggers like logos bring stimuli.

For example, when a customer sees a red color, it is likely to be associated with coke. Using Weber’ s law and principle, this states that the consumer's ability to detect changes in stimulus intensity normally appears to be strongly related to the intensity of that stimulus. If one holds a weight of two kg in his or her hand, an individual can only notice and realized that when the weight double either to 3 kg or 4 kg. Moreover, in case one holds 10 kg then there is an additional one kg, then it is not easy for one to realize the changes.

It is on this simple concept, which the logo idea uses in attracting customer attention and perception where it is so simple and easy to associate some brands with specific things or colors. Kotler (2005) defines perception as the way information is received by individuals, the way they select information from the environment, organized the information and then interpret it in a manner that will satisfy their needs actors which influences perception include The advertisement by the companies, the way the product is being packed, the pricing strategy and the general quality of the product.

The way the company is doing advertisements and the way they are doing their packaging plays an important role in influencing the customer’ s decision-making process. Learning is another important concept in advertisement and getting customers' attention being attracted to particular goods or services. Customers can learnt about a product through advertisement and as Kotler puts it learning is a process of knowing more about something, acquiring new ideas and knowledge. Learning can also help consumers to change their perception concerning a product hence learning and perception is one thing in marketing.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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