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SELF-EXPLORATIONLEARNING EXERCISE IA: AN AUTOBIOGRAPHYChapter 1: Birth to 5 years oldIn this phase, the important people in my life were my parents since they could provide all that I needed, in terms of basic needs and emotional support as well as I was learning to communicate. Chapter 2: 5 to 10 years oldIn this period, the important people were my parents and teachers since they were the primary source of my learning experience. My early school life experience was an interesting one since everything was a new skill. Chapter 3: 10 to 15 years oldIn this stage, the important people in my life were my friends and my parents as my friends formed the core of my social development as well as educational transformation.

My parents formed the backbone to my ethics development and they also enabled me to have an environment where I was able to practice it. Chapter 4: 15 to 20 years oldAt this point, the important people in my life were my parents, who were able to provide me with emotional support as this was the biological changing phase, and my friends, who formed the backbone of my social development.

This was also the stage where I developed my hobbies. Chapter 5: 20 to 25 years oldDuring this period, the important people in my life were my parents, my friends and classmates because my parents provided the emotional and financial support I needed during my undergraduate course. Also at this point in life some of my hobbies shaped into my career choices and as a result, influenced my undergraduate course selection. Moreover, some of my extended family members were somewhat working in the career line I was studying and this motivated me to obtain more skills.

Chapter 6: 25 to 30 years oldDuring this period, the important people in my life were my workmates and parents. My workmates enables me to adjust to my new working environment and opened my mind to other career opportunities. My parents provided me with the necessary parental care. What do your responses tell you about your interests and particular strengths and weaknesses? The subjects that I perform well, I actually enjoy studying them whereas the subjects that are my least favourite I perform poorly since less effort is applied for studying them due to lack of interest. LEARNING EXERCISE IC: FOCUS ON WORKThe most striking thing about my job is that there are new challenges everyday such that one has to be equipped with up to date information on financial happenings as it is relevant to the various tasks I am assigned.

The working environment is conducive since it’s an open office system. The staff in the office is respectful and people try as much as possible to live in peace. The working hours are extensive since there is a lot of work that need to be done within a short time frame.

This is negative in the fact that there is less breaking hours and thus lead to stress. There were various projects that I headed, one of which was making a magazine for the organization and at that time I had no educational background of the processes. This eventually emerged to be a successful project since there was a good team behind it and all the responsible parties were collaborative.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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